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Sisel International is a world leading direct sales and manufacturing entity specializing in natural supplements and healthy living products.

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Posted: August 25, 2016, 3:17 pm

Searching for a Toxin Free Mouthwash? Terminator is a Toxin Free Mouthwash unlike any other oral hygiene product available. What makes it unique? Its safe, toxic free, containing no harmful chemicals and is highly effective. Rather than cover or suppress odor, Terminator actually eliminates the odors that cause bad breath, without strong chemicals or alcohol. Key ingredients The key ingredient in Terminator is stabilized chlorine dioxide, which, when used in a mouth rinse, eliminates odor and bad breath. Another distinctive feature of Sisel’s Terminator is…

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Posted: August 24, 2016, 12:48 pm

I used fake lash extensions for 18 months. I loved them. I  was worried about the formaldehyde and other nasties in the glue. Exposure to formaldehyde may cause leukemia, particularly myeloid leukemia, in humans. Read More….

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Posted: August 22, 2016, 12:36 pm

Which resveratrol supplement is the best? It’s a fact, not all resveratrol supplements are created equal. How do you know the good from the bad? If you a using a resveratrol supplement make sure: You buy direct from the manufacturer The formula is based on extensive research using evidence based ingredients The resveratrol supplement ticks all 4 boxes mentioned below Remember: The spotlight, and attention is given to the supplement with the best marketing strategy. It is better to do your research and go by personal recommendations…

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Posted: August 21, 2016, 2:39 pm

4 Coffee Myths Busted…Correcting the MYTHS About Coffee Every day, over 46% of Australians choose to start their day with coffee. They enjoy the energy, clarity and stamina a shot of caffeine provides and can’t imagine launching their day without the magic help of the coffee bean. Non-drinkers are more skeptical of coffee’s ability to make life better. That’s why today, 4 coffee myths will be busted. Here are the top 4 coffee myths debunked: Coffee dehydrates you Myth #4 Busted: Coffee dehydrates you. This…

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Posted: August 17, 2016, 1:39 pm

Where do I purchase the Healthiest Coffee in Australia? Discover the truth behind the most scientifically advanced coffee range. Everything you need to know to choose the healthiest coffee blend! It’s the million-dollar-question that’s been dividing health professionals for years, ‘Is coffee actually good for us?’. We have discovered that not all coffees, even the organic ones, are created equal. Coffee in its most natural state can have some fantastic health benefits. But after finding out that we may be doing more harm than good…

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Posted: August 15, 2016, 11:02 am

Keep Your Body Balanced with Balance D – prebiotics, probiotics, fiber and Vitamin D Balance-D™. Balance D sets a new standard in the category of fiber. Fiber is important to everyone’s diet and is vital to a healthy gastrointestinal tract, but the basic elements are often overlooked. These elements include prebiotics, probiotics, fiber and Vitamin D. Ensuring you have enough fiber in your body makes for optimal digestive support. That’s why Balance-D contains: Chicory Root Rhamnosus Acidophilus Bulgaricus and Fibre Maltodextrin* Balance-D contains 300IU of Vitamin…

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Posted: August 14, 2016, 9:57 am

Hydrogen Water Powerful Diatomic Hydrogen Infused Water Two – Step Filtration Removes Impurities and chemicals (100% of fluoride) Proton Exchange Membrane This is NOT pH-Related Pseudoscience Result: Clean, Fresh Water Packed with all the Power of Diatomic Hydrogen Purchase a Hydrogen Water Filter today.

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Posted: August 13, 2016, 1:37 pm

Sisel International is NOT a pyramid scheme Sisel International is a Legitimate Multi Level Marketing Company (MLM) Sisel International is the best MLM company What is a pyramid scheme: A business model that recruits members with no products or services As recruiting multiplies, recruiting becomes quickly impossible Most members are unable to profit Pyramid schemes are unsustainable and often illegal The person at the top gets the highest payout Consumers often confuse legitimate multi-level marketing (MLM) with pyramid schemes. [Ref:]   Why is Sisel International the best…

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Posted: August 12, 2016, 1:18 pm

SISEL Lash 3D – Fiber Extension System. Stunning Long Lashes….New Improved Version Coming Soon! The SiseLash 3D Fiber Extension System is your solution to thin, lifeless lashes. Sisel has found a way to give you stunning, long,  fierce lashes that is more effective, safer, and less expensive than other options on the market. Don’t risk your health with the many toxic glues used for eyelash extensions. In 4 quick and easy steps, you can unleash lashes that are Simply Fierce. No mess. No fuss. Just beautiful lashes.…

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Posted: August 9, 2016, 1:32 pm

About Toxic Free Living

Toxic Personal Care – are you using chemical free products? Chemical free shampoos – conditioner – toothpaste – skin care and makeup are hard to find. Toxic personal care products can cause health problems. Make a change today and start using Sisel International’s person care products, make safe choices and avoid toxic personal care. If you are concerned about toxic chemicals found in personal care products then Sisel International is the solution you have been looking for (Sisel Australia is now open).

Do you live in a toxic environment? A chemical free home begins by knowing which products are toxic to your health. Toxic chemicals found in and around your home which can cause toxic reactions and health problems. By swapping all your personal care products to Sisel International product range you will be able to avoid potentially harmful chemicals that you are being exposed to on a daily basis (Sisel is now open in Australia. Avoid harmful chemicals in your bathroom products and make the swap now.

Exposure to Toxins. Prevention of exposure to toxins is key to maintaining good health; but for toxins your body has already accumulated, you may want to consider a cleanse and body-detox program. Cleansing with an all-natural herbal fiber supplement is a great way to detox your body without synthetics.
We are often encouraged to plan for our economic future. Few of us, however apply this same level of seriousness to considerations pertaining to our long-term mental and physical well-being. Instead we employ a ‘wait and see’ approach which, more often than not, causes us to ignore the issue altogether. Our health is not listed as a priority until we become sick and can no longer ignore it. At this time our perception of our health quickly changes and it becomes of primary importance. It is only at this point that we are prepared to spend money and make a serious effort to restore our health. Sadly, however, sometimes it can be too late. We should all be asking ourselves, “What can I do today to prevent myself from becoming ill in the future?”. Even though this may not seem important now, just speak to someone who is suffering from a life threatening or debilitating illness. We can benefit from their hindsight. There are many reasons why people don’t take sufficient care of their health. Some of them include;

  • Believing, “it wont happen to me”
  • Not recognising that many diseases and illnesses are due to toxic overload and or metabolic deficient/overload which are preventable, and not knowing what to do about it
  • Not taking responsibility
  • Believing, “I have strong genes that will protect me”
  • Viewing medical science as a universal panacea

This web site was designed as a starting point to help people address many of the above issues and guide them in planning for a healthy and happy future. A person is far more likely to make a change when they perceive the pain or suffering that will result from not making the change as greater than the discomfort brought about by the change itself. Smoking is a good example of this behavioural phenomenon. It is therefore important to gain knowledge in health prevention as this establishes a belief in the need for healthy living. Philip Day author of ‘Health Wars’, a controversial book that looks at the untold truths in the health industry today, states that “the two areas in which disease is concentrated are Metabolic and Toxin Related”. 1 Metabolic diseases/illness are caused by a nutrient deficiency such as scurvy, or Pellagra. Toxin related diseases/illness are those caused by substances harmful to the biological processes of human beings. Daily exposure to common toxins include:

  • Exhaust fumes.
  • Air pollution e.g. working in or around chemicals in the home, workplace and outside.
  • Pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers in food and water.
  • Animal products containing hormones, antibiotics, parasite treatments.
  • Drugs, prescribed & recreational, e.g. alcohol, tobacco etc.
  • Additives in food, e.g. colourings, flavourings, preservatives.
  • Carcinogenic ingredients in personal care and cleaning products.
  • Off gassing of furniture, appliances, paints etc.
  • Electromagnetic radiation (EMRs).

After reading this list, is it any wonder that in today’s society many people become sick? The toxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis in our environment include, the air we breathe, chemicals we put on our body and absorb through our skin, as well as chemicals we ingest through food and drink. When this is coupled with poor nutrition and the body’s extra nutritional requirements due to toxic overload the immune system is affected resulting in poor health. Dr Peter Dingle is one of Australia’s leading environmental scientists whose doctoral thesis concerned chemical exposure in homes and work-spaces. In his book ‘Cosmetics and Personal Care: Dangerous Beauty’ he states the following; “I suggest that many illnesses are not simply misfortune. I suggest they are preventable and can be linked to the chemicals in our food, water, homes, workplaces, general environment and in the products we use. I suggest illnesses such as cancer, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies and multiple chemical sensitivities can be related to the unprecedented increase of chemicals in our environment.” Hemochromatosis is also called iron overload which is caused by the toxic effects of iron accumalation read more about hemochromatosis. This site is Australian Last updated 19th January 2011. RSS FEEDS ___________________________________________________ 1 Day, Philip, Health Wars, UK, Credence Publications, 2001, p. 35. 123 small business web design – Frankston, Langwarrin & Highett .

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