Antibiotic resistant infection

Antibiotic resistant infection and overuse of antibiotics - a real story
Antibiotic resistant infection and overuse of antibiotics – a real story

Antibiotic resistant infection

Tom Mower shared this post today 25 October 2019 about antibiotic resistant infection. I have heard this lady share her story and it was quite shocking. Below are Tom Mower’s words about how she dealt with and overcame her antibiotic resistant infection. Ref

“This story makes brings water to my eyes; as I see the potential of what we here at Sisel do and what profound effects it provides.

This story makes brings water to my eyes; as I see the potential of what we here at Sisel do and what profound effects it provides.

It’s about a young woman in her mid-20’s. She is a personal/business associate but not within Sisel. Throughout much of her life, from teenage years until now, have been extremely difficult because of genetic issues along with a consequential vulnerability to infections. She has been in constant therapy and never has a good day. During these 10 or more years she’s been in and out of hospitals many times.

Her reoccurring infections never stop. In the 2 years I’ve known her. I have seen her, both in the hospital and in ER many times. It’s sad to see how debilitating this is for her. Yet we who are healthy, often do not have an appreciation for what our good health is providing until we reach the age where decay and degeneration have damaged our bodies so much that we to enter into this unhealthy cycle for usually the last 20 or so years of our life.” Tom Mower

Antibiotic-resistant infection story

“Here’s the story: I discussed with her what she’s got to do and she keeps going to doctors going to the hospital going to the ER and now running out of anti-biotic options because her infectious germs are resistant. She’s just about to the edge where nothing will work and consequences will be much worse. Or perhaps even die.

Big Pharma provides antibiotics, but they are limiting and the body soon will not respond to them because the germs have become antibiotic-resistant. So she is changing from one antibiotic to another to another. She is running out of options.

I suggested she try the power of nutraceutical alternative/complementary medicinal ingredients. She agreed to take and try them to see if this last straw of hope could help her as she is precariously close to going over the brink. This young woman started on FuCoyDon & Avenger. In just a short period of time, unfathomable results are occurring for her. I am copying the statement she sent to me about what has happened in just 2 weeks or so.

Here is her story. She related to me just today:
She says: “Tom, I’ve been through 9 rounds of antibiotics and many doctors. Last week I was really sick and assumed I end up in the EER again. I started taking your products and my infection is half as bad as it was! I’m continue to take your products. But you did what doctors couldn’t do. I’m shocked, amazed and super grateful. Thank you so so much!”

Do you think as I do that Sisel is unlike any other company on earth? Our products are so far advanced, and so technically superior to all others. I truly know and believe they are.

Antibiotic Resistant infection and antibiotics

The rest of this message is some follow-up to explain the dangers of antibiotics. There very often prescribed by doctors for any type of a infection, flew or cold. Antibiotics only work on bacteria and absolutely do not work on viruses, fungi, yeast, mold, and other non-bacteria sources.

There is an extremely serious consequence of antibiotic use; in which it destroys the good bacteria in the G.I. tract and makes it permanently out of balance and dysfunctional. Just one series of antibiotics devastates your G.I. microbial health for which it never can self recover.

This is why we have designed Balance D, which is a product formulation using pre-biotics and probiotics. There are more advanced than other types of probiotics who are using chemistries decades-old. True to Sisel’s mission of researching the research to develop products from science, that “bridges the gaps between science and human needs”.

My advice is every time you been on antibiotics or if you have been on them before you need to use balance D for at least 3 months. For best effects. Use it continually because it will always support the body to keep the micro-flora balance of good and bad bacteria properly where it should be.

“We live in a crisis with antibiotics: most of them are failing. Because of the drug- resistance that most microbes develop, antimicrobials stop working, especially with recurring infections,” says Dr Niepa, professor of chemical engineering at the Swanson School, with secondary appointments in environmental engineering and bioengineering.

As most antibiotics specifically work on cells that are going to replicate, they do not work on dormant microbes, which is how infections can recur.

Did you know 5-10% of dental implants fail and must be removed within 10-15 years to prevent infection in the blood and other organs?

The researchers hope this technology will change how infections are treated. Researchers focused their research on Candida albicans (C. albicans), one of the most common and harmful fungal infections associated with dental implants.

Final Thoughts…. Trust the science, trust Sisel!
Take back your health, your wealth and your happiness with the opportunity are great company offers anyone and everyone who will rise to the occasion.” Tom Mower

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