Australia: Relaunched and Recharged Sisel International 2020

Australia: Relaunched and Recharged Sisel International 2020

Leisel Mower Australian Manager An aerial view of Surfers Paradise on Queenslands Cold Coast in Australia

Leisel Mower Sisel Australia and New Zealand Manager

24 May 2020. Posted by Katie Larking

Sisel is excited to announce Leisel Mower Sisel’s Australia Country Manager (including New Zealand) is doing a fantastic job and has propelled Sisel into Wild Momentum. Leisel has been with Sisel for many years. Her passion for the Mower Mission and Sisel Distributors is evident. Leisel loves Sisel’s incredible products, and helping others achieve their dreams to run a successful business. With experience in design, product development, public outreach, strategic planning, and more, Leisel has set Australia and New Zealand into new levels of Wild Momentum.

Leisel Mower holds training for Sisel Australia and Sisel New Zealand every second Saturday. Guests speakers include Tom Mower Sr and Tom Mower Jr.  We are also lucky to hear from Tom Mower Jr, Aaron Rennert, and Milo Acosta.

During our product training sessions, Tom Mower goes in depth about the Sisel Products. During these sessions you will gain a deeper understanding of the Sisel Products and how they can benefit you and your family. The depth of the information is not shared on the fact sheets or Sisel website as Tom Mower gives the background, science about the ingredients and stories from people who have use the product with great results. Often at the end of the presentation Tom Mower answers product questions to anyone who asks. If you love Tom Mower University from the him previous company you will love the Sisel Australia Training Sessions.

You will quickly discover the points of difference about Sisel International and the Sisel Product range. Find out what makes these products unique and the level of science and research that has gone into the product to make them like no other.

To find out more about these trainings see here .

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