Intrepid Application

Sisel’s Intrepid Application Instructions

How to apply and remove Intrepid on the skin
1. It’s important to put an adequate amount of the INTREPID Base film applied on the skin to achieve the desired results. It is now easier to apply and cures dry in only 5 minutes.

2. Likewise it’s important to put and generous amount of Sisel’s INTREPID Removit to thoroughly saturate the Base film to allow it to wash off.

3. INTREPID is a safe and powerful formulation, as it must have the film thickness (mass) of the Base on the skin, in order to have the pulling & firming power to pull up eye bags, wrinkles and lines.

4. Removing the Base film is not as easy as applying it. Do it properly with the following method:
Sisel recommends you put a large drop of Removit on the Base Film with your finger or a cotton ball (not the applicator in the bottle. Use the applicator to smooth the Removit on the skin to areas that may need it)

The thickness of the Base film absorbs the Removit it to break down its structure for removal. If only a small amount that the applicator stick applies it is not enough but needs a generous covering of the film with Removit in order to remove it. (It must be thoroughly saturated to release the film from the skin)

This requires “more liquid volume” of Removit to saturate the base film (think of the base film as if it was a sponge. You need enough water to thoroughly wet a sponge. It is the same concept with Removit applied generously to the Base film to break it down).

Accordingly you need to apply Removit liquid generously on the film so it can permeate completely through it. You may need to put on more much more Removit to break up the film for removal. Put a flow coat over the film running off. Then wait two minutes got it to release the films bonding to the skin. You’ll see the film start to wrinkle & collapse as it releases. (It is the film wrinkling, not your skin)

5. Then can take a wet washcloth, and over the sink with running water to splash on your face so you can and rub off the Intrepid film in warm water. If you do not put on enough Removit, you may have to do two or more applications because it must entirely saturate the Base film in order to dissolve it.

It takes about 3 minutes in the morning to remove, depending on how thick the film on your skin is. To apply Intrepid in the morning takes only 2 minutes for both eye bag areas and lip lines.

Intrepid Base requires a generous amount of film on the skin in order to pull tight. & So it is to remove the film at night. You need to put a generous amount of Removit to thoroughly saturate it. Enough so to remove the base film from your skin. If you have some base residue left after washing it off with the wash rag, then repeat the process for a second time.

Soon you will find out what is the right amount of the Intrepid Base to apply to have the pulling power to remove eye bags, lines and wrinkles & the right amount of Removit to generously flow over the film so it can be broken down and removed.

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