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June Promotion Sisel Australia Sisel NZ

5 June 2020. Posted by Katie Larking

I wanted to give everyone the details on our new June Promo!! We’ve got an exciting promotion to announce for the month of June! It is LIVE and ready to order so make sure you get the word out to your customers soon as possible!

The details for the June Promo are as follows:


JUNE Promotion Sisel Australia New Zealand

Shaving GelBuy all three of the following products:

H2 Stix
Fire & Ice

And get for free….

Shaving Gel

Shave Gel

****There will be no other promotions in the month of June. I’ve been receiving numerous questions regarding the end of the month promos we’ve had the last two months. While they’ve been exciting and have proven popular, they will not be happening on a regular basis. From here on out we’ll be offering these ‘end of the month’ promos once or twice a year and June will not have one. Let me know if you have any questions…..

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