Sisel Product Training with Tom Mower

Sisel Product Training with Tom Mower

20 May 2020. Posted By Katie Larking

Sisel Product Training with Tom Mower in the old Neways days was referred to a “Tom Mower University”.  In his new trainings Tom Mower goes into depth about the Sisel Products. The recordings for these calls are not normally shared. So if you are not on the call you will miss out on the training. Tom does these trainings regularly with different Sisel Products so if you would like to connect with these trainings please contact me and I will email or text you each time they are on. Here is the latest call post from Leisel Mower for Saturday 23 May 2020. Tom Mower will be given in depth product training on Sisel’s Brain Vitality.

Join Leisel Mower as she invites the Founder and President of Sisel International, Tom Mower, Sr. back for our continuing deep product training!

We are excited to welcome Tom Mower, Sr. back to our Australia/New Zealand training call this Saturday, May 23rd, 9:00 AM, Sydney time. He’ll be rejoining us with an intensive training on one of my favorite products, Brain Vitality. This product is one of the most powerful formulas in the Sisel catalogue with product testimonials through the years that truly reflect life changing results.

Topic: Tom Mower Sr. Training – Brain Vitality

Time: May 23, 2020 09:00 AM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

You’ll find the link and phone numbers to the meeting below. Tom Sr. continues his product by product training with Brain Vitality as well as meeting two of our Council Members, country updates, info and more…. so spread the word, we don’t want anyone to miss this exciting call….and we’ll see YOU there too!

Dial by your location

+61 3 7018 2005 Australia
+61 731 853 730 Australia
+61 861 193 900 Australia
+61 8 7150 1149 Australia
+61 2 8015 6011 Australia
Meeting ID: 385 224 7519
Password: 014837


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