SupraH2 Hydrogen Water

Sisel’s SuprH2 Hydrogen Water Filter

Sisel’s SuprH2 Hydrogen Water Filter Retails at $ 4,477 AUS.

If you join as a distributor (free to join) you get a discount and can purchase the Hydrogen Water Filter Unit at a discounted price $3,731.

It removes 100% of

  • fluoride
  • chlorine
  • all heavy metals
  • and
  • pharmaceutical resides.

Plus infuses the water with Diatomic Hydrogen :))

Please note the Sisel Hydrogen Filter is currently not available. Please see the NEW Sisel Hydrogen Water Stik below.

Sisel Hydrogen Water Stik

More information about Sisel’s New Hydrogen Water Stik here:

Fluoride free Water

Hydrogen Water H2 Water Filter By Sisel International - Molecular Power

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