Toxins in your TV, poisons in your PC? Many popular brands of electronic products contain toxic chemicals. Small amounts of these chemicals cause widespread pollution. Take the toxic test.


BodyBurden – the pollution in people. Scientists have been studying pollutants in air, water and on land for decades. Now they’re studying pollution in people and the findings are troubling. This Website report results from the most comprehensive study ever conducted of multiple chemical contaminants in humans.

The Environmental Systems Distributing Web site contains some interesting references about the risks associated with taking a hot shower with tap water.

World Wide Fund for Nature, (WWF) is the world’s largest and most experienced independent conservation organisation. This link contains information regarding risk reduction to chemicals in and around the home.

The Biological Farmers of Australia. Where to buy certified organic produce in each state of Australia.

Food Additives Guide Web site. This site contains Information about food additives including risks with consumption and countries where each additive is banned. is a U.K and U.S based corporation – the first regional magazine of its kind on South Asia. This page contains useful information about food colours, effects and the countries where they are banned.


Nutritional Therapy for Cancer suffers – An Alternative to Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy!

The Cancer Prevention Coalition – fighting for a safer environment at home, in the community, and at work.




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