Sisel Australia Tracking Information and process

Sisel Tracking Information. The following covers the details you need to know to track and locate your Sisel product order. This information is for Sisel Australia Product Users purchasing Sisel products from the Australia order form.

How to track your order

Step 1

Once you order your products you will receive a confirmation email.  Be aware Sisel products for Australia are stocked in the Sisel New Zealand warehouse. Once your order gets processed it will be on its way, this generally happens the next business day. However, sometimes you will need to wait 3-4 days to get your tracking number, if you are uncertain you can contact Sisel Customer Service (Australian Sisel Customer Service 1300 274 735. The response hours: are MON-THURS 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm Brisbane Time. Email: ).

Step 2

You will receive a tracking number typically within 3-4 days of placing your order via email. This will arrive in a separate email.  The email will be from Parcel Monitor  with the Subject title ” Sisel International will keep you updated on your parcel!”

It looks like this:

Step 3

You will note your tracking number in your parcel monitor email. It will be 6 Characters including numbers and letters (for example something like this SMV431). Once you have received the email with the tracking number you can click on the VIEW DETAILS button in your email (its a big Green button like the image below).

Step 4

Once you click on view details button in your email you can track your Sisel Australia parcel.

You will have the option to sign up for Sisel Parcel Updates. Enter your email address and click submit. The screen will include the below pop up. Make sure you tick the option to give permission for them to email you.

Step 4

After clicking the green button View Details you will see your Sisel parcel tracking status. See image at bottom of this page for the example tracking information.

Step 5 Optional

Another way to locate your tracking number is to go into your back office (login using your username and password) and check the view Business Centre – Personal Orders.  You can sort the column by date and you can locate your most recent order.

You will need to know your tracking number it is 6 Characters.  A combination of letters and numbers. It will look similar to this SMV431

If your order says posted not shipped your order has not been assigned a tracking number.  It will look something like this SMV431. The status will also change from POSTED to SHIPPED. It will appear in the far right-hand column of your screen. See picture below of sample screen of customer orders view.

Sample screen of Sisel Customer orders view so you can locate your Sisel Tracking Information

Step 6

Once you have your tracking number,  you can always go to this website to check the status. Use this method if you cannot locate your tracking email from Parcel Monitor. Remember to first locate your tracking number from your back office as described above.

This is the URL/Website to Track your Parcel have your tracking number handy




The final steps in tracking your Sisel Australia Parcel

Sisel Tracking Information will be provided for each parcel. You will be able to see the steps for your Sisel Australia orders and how long it took at each step of the shipping journey.

The complete journey looks like this:

Step 1. Parcel data submitted to the carrier

Step 2. Pick-up successful Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Step 3. Outbound Flight Departed Auckland, Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Step 4. Inbound Flight Arrived Sydney, The Council of the City of Botany Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Step 5. Completion of customs processing

Step 6. Pick-up successful

Step 7. At the sorting center

Step 8. Shipment en route

Step 9. Arrival at final delivery center

The Final point to remember when your Sisel Australia parcel is delivered

The final point to note with Sisel Tracking Information for Australia. Don’t worry if you are not home. Toll courier will leave a slip in your letterbox with a number to call. You can either have the parcel redelivered or allow the courier to leave the parcel. If yes, then when you fill out the shipping address make sure you type Authority to Leave before typing your shipping address. Use the same field.  Fastway or Couriers Please.  Remember, you cannot ship to PO BOXES. If you are likely to not be home, make sure you use ATL (Authority to leave).