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Sisel Calcium K2

Everyone needs calcium. Women need especially large amounts. Unfortunately, most sources of calcium aren’t very absorbable and often contain large amounts of lead. Avoiding lead in calcium is extremely important! Sisel Calcium K2 unique formula is designed to provide as much pure calcium and other major minerals, including, vitamin K2 and D3, needed to support healthy bones.

As many as half of all women and a quarter of men who are over 50 will break or fracture a bone. Researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine published in the American Medical Association Journal, in July 2004, that millions of Americans may have bone problems and don’t know it. Americans possibly have one of the world’s highest calcium supplement intakes, but continue to also have the one of the highest rates of osteoporosis.

Dietary calcium, on the other hand, seems to be disappearing from the American diet, and from the countries who adopt similar eating habits. As poor food choices are rampant, a calcium supplement, formulated for easy assimilation, is important for healthy bone support. SISEL’s answer to the widespread need for easy-to-assimilate calcium is SISEL Calcium K2, a cutting-edge product that contains a mix of vitamins and minerals and blend of three different calciums. This unique combination of important nutrients makes SISEL Calcium K2 different from most other supplements. SISEL’s calcium product is made to be readily available for bone support.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services say that calcium in the early teen years are critical for bone growth. Older women also need a good source of calcium. While most of the attention is directed at women, men also suffer from a lack of calcium. Even though this important mineral is found in foods that we eat, teenagers and most American adults eat far less calcium than RDA recommendations. When you do not have adequate amounts of calcium in the bloodstream, the body takes it from your bones.

As we age, stomach acid may decrease, making calcium supplements harder to digest. SISEL Calcium K2 is a mix of several forms of highly absorbable calcium. Milk calcium, or calcium lactate, calcium citrate and calcium gluconate are synergistically combined to enhance the possibility of calcium absorption.

The main component that makes SISEL Calcium K2 so appealing is the inclusion of vitamin K2. Research indicates that vitamin K2 is imperative for normal bone formation. Scientist have found that vitamin K2 is linked with the creation of osteoblasts, the cells that produce a protein called osteocalci that helps incorporate calcium into the bones.

Vitamin K2 regulates calcium in the bones and in the arteries, offering support to the skeletal and circulatory systems. Research shows that without adequate amounts of vitamin K2, calcium may promote calcification of the arteries and other soft tissue.

To help calcium go into the bones, Vitamin K2 initiates a process called carboxylation which gives bone proteins a way to hold on to calcium. Without K2, calcium may leave the bone and go into the bloodstream. Excess may be deposited in arteries and other soft tissue. Vitamin K2 may help protect the body from calcification.

Even in the correct form, and supplemented with vitamin K2, calcium needs other ingredients for maximum absorption. In clinical, human studies, vitamin D3 is needed for optimal calcium absorption.

Magnesium is another important mineral to assist calcium absorption. Magnesium is important for parathyroid hormone (PTH) production which activates vitamin D and the absorption of calcium crossing the gut wall. Magnesium supports strong bone growth.

SISEL Calcium K2 is the result of extensive, innovative and cutting-edge research. If you eat the modern Western Diet or if you are concerned about bone health now, or for future bone support, you need SISEL Calcium K2. Don’t wait to order this amazing blend of highly absorbable calcium. Your bones will be glad that you did.


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