Sisel Australia Shipping Fees

After some experimenting in the “Place an Order” section. You can see the Sisel Australia Shipping Fees. In other words, what the postage is for different items. You can do the same. Just tick what you want to order and go on to the next page and so forth till you get to the postage page to see the price. Then go back , delete, and start again.

Examples of Postage Costs for Sisel Australia Product Orders.

Please note postage costs are in NZ dollars. This is less in Australian dollars, with the rate of exchange by about 5%. Also products are Shipped from New Zealand warehouse and takes 5 – 10 business days.

Postage is BASED ON WEIGHT OF ITEMS – Liquids weight more

Product OrderProduct Order Cost in NZ dollars (excludes GST)Sisel Australia Shipping Fees
1 Pack of 2 Age Pills. $165$15.50
1 Pack of 2 Age Pills plus Eternity$246$22.50
1 Pack of 2 Age Pills, Eternity & Spectramaxx$320$29.50
1 Pack of 2 Age Pills, Eternity, Spectra, & Fucoydon$372$36.50
The Triangle of Life (Eternity, SpectraMaxx & Fucoydon)$392$29.50
Shampoo and Conditioner$66$22.50
4 Packs of the AGE Pill Two Pack$660$15.50
5 Packs of the AGE Pill Two Pack$825$15.50
4 Eternity$324$40
5 Eternity$405$47
6 Eternity$486$54
7 Eternity$567$68

Example Order with Shipping Costs for Sisel Australia

  • Sisel Ript
  • Fucoydon
  • Eternity
  • Spectramaxx
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • 1 Age Pill  2 Pack

Total Cost is $561 (+GST) Postage = $47

Important notes for Sisel Australia Product Orders

When reviewing the Sisel Australia Shipping Fees, it is important to note the following key points:

  1. It seems that the minimum postage is $15.50
  2. GST has been implemented by Australia Gov as of 1 July 2018. 10% is added at check out
  3. Tablets are very light eg. can get 5 packs of Age Pill for $15.50
  4. Once you add heavy things like the nutraceuticals, and shampoos etc. the postage seems to be 10-15% of the total price.
  5. Preferred Customers pay 10% more than distributors
  6. It is cheaper to post one large order (up to $800) than to place a few smaller orders
  7. Sisel are introducing a rewards program to help compensation for the 10% GST. Check out the rewards program here to find out how you can GET ALL YOUR SHIPPING FOR FREE (scroll down page to read about Shipping Rebates)

Sisel Australia Shipping Fees

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Please note Distributors pay 10% less and Preferred Customers. Both accounts are free for Australia.