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Sisel International Distributor Australia, Katie

Contact me, Katie, if you would like more information about the Sisel Toxic Free product range. Whether you just need help figuring out how to order products or want some advice on which Sisel products are best for you, I’d be happy to help.

Regardless of where you are located in the world, I will do my best to assist you. You can also find my social media channels linked to on this website — you can reach me on Facebook and Google+.

Phone: (61) 422 538 801 (Business Hours)
61 422 538 801 (Out of Hours)
Email me:

Distributor ID: 10173409

We are located in Highett, Victoria, Australia. But, we service all states in Australia, and provinces in New Zealand,  as well as many countries globally. If your country is not currently listed, please email me. Sisel has plans to continue to open in many countries across the globe.

For Enquiries:

Alternatively, complete our simple contact form below and we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible. Please be as clear as possible when describing your enquiry so I can assist you to the best of my ability.

Contact Us | Or Phone 61 422 538 801

For Chinese, Mandarin and Cantonese speaking customers, please phone Ping +61 0438 633 880.Email



Sisel Australia

Now that Sisel is fully launched in Australia, you may want to join local events and networks of other Sisel supporters — great news! Get in contact with me to find out how you can share the wonders of Sisel for yourself.

Sisel Contact Us

Use this page to contact my network of Sisel distributors, or me (Katie Larking), directly.

Learn more about Katie Larking on the about us page

If you are a distributor and need assistance with selling, marketing or setting up your business, please feel free to browse the distributor menu above the banner on my website. There are plenty of sales resources and guides to help you earn with Sisel, plus a dedicated support page where you can find answers and reach out to the Sisel network.