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Andy K . from Victoria Australia has been taking the AGE Pill for one year. Below is a photo of before and then after one year using the AGE Pill. You can see a massive difference in his hair colour. Significantly less grey hair. Plus, his hair is a lot darker!

Age Pill Testimonial by Rick C. – 5th October 2018 – Oakey Qld. Australia

In June 2017 I was diagnosed with Melanoma and had one removed from my back. In August 2017 had some scans done and it revealed that I had 13 more melanomas.

I started taking The Age Pill on around 15th October 2017 and had my next appointment in November 2017. I was told that one on top of my head had become smaller. So I told them that I would come back in January 2018 as I was trying something namely Fucoydon.

When I came back in January he looked at one under my arm and told me it was 2cm but in November it was 4cm so I said I will see you in April.

In April he said it looked like the one under the arm had grown another node but I said I wanted to continue with what I was doing and said I will be back in July.

Scans revealed everything were getting smaller or disappearing altogether. I have Just left the Hospital 5th November 2018 cancer free no more visits for cat scans and fine needle biopsies. I am on my way home to celebrate.

(please note this testimonial is Rick’s own personal experience. We cannot say his results are because of the products. This may be been a lucky coincidence).

Age Pill Review by Anthony, Victoria. Australia

I’ve been on The Age Pill for 5 months and there has been a notable improvement in my skin, particularly the reduction of lines and under eye bags.

I’ve also noticed an improvement in my memory, which has become sharper. Overall very happy with the results and continuing with the addition of some other Sisel products – Fucoydon, Eternity and Spectramax.

I am a Type One Diabetic, 50 years old. Anthony

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