Sisel Imune (now called Sisel Avenger)

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“Simply said: Sisel Imune (now called Sisel Avenger) contains 10 extremely effective and very highly concentrated ingredients, (some over 100 times more than the natural ingredient they came from).”

“I firmly believe, that with each ingredient used, in the very highest levels that studies show attain maximum results, gives immense support like never before to the body’s immune system with such a vast array of power never before seen in natural or pharmaceutical medicine. It is like unto the “Avenger” attacking immunity support needs with a ferocity like has never-every been done before in the history or human health. Take Sisel Immune with diatomic hydrogen enriched water, from the SupraH2 system, and watch as your body rebounds with a resilience like being shot up from a trampoline. Sisel Imune is powerful beyond anything I have ever seen and heretofore ever envisioned possible.”

“EAST MEETS WEST in this marvelous formulation. Its Modern Science combined with Ancient Science to create the masterpiece of vitality in all the history of human health I do believe with all the knowledge and passion I have within me. It took over a year to formulate and get the actives created. A long time,  lot of work and effort resulting is the immunity product health dreams are made of. Great for adolescents, young and old alike with a power that may well be beyond belief.”

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Sisel Avenger Ingredients

Sisel Avenger Ingredients


Avenger™ (Formerly Sisel Imune)

Health from the Dust of China’s Past—East Meets West

Sourced from spectacular ingredients from ancient Chinese natural medicines coupled with technologically advanced discoveries in modern science, Avenger™ contains these extremely powerful all-natural, highly concentrated extracts in a tremendously effective, synergistic combination with the potential to provide incredible benefits.

  • Immune System Intensification
  • Promotion of Healthy Cells
  • Vibrant Looking Skin
  • Powerful Anti-Oxidants
  • Highly Concentrated Natural Based Extracts
  • Improved Cognitive Functions Potential

Avenger™ . . . a Revolutionary Combination of Immunity Support Like Never Seen Before!

Avenger Product Fact Sheet***

A Powerful Blend of Immunity Supporting, Highly Concentrated, Extremely Effective Natural Extracts

By taking Avenger™ just twice per day, you can provide a revolutionary blend of intensive support your body may really need to improve its immunity, vitality and cognitive abilities. Avenger™ has been especially formulated to offer intensive, broad-spectrum viability for a wide range of immunity support issues.

Lime Extract contains immune-supporting compounds, such as Limonin and Kaempferol, that are easily digested and may stay in the body for as long as 24 hours, lending diverse support to the immune system and may help prevent oxidative damage to cells, lipids and DNA. This extraordinary bio-availability and persistence explains why these phytochemicals are so effective in immune support.

Elderberry Extract contains very high levels of procyanidins and flavonoids whose antioxidant properties may help support damage to the body’s cells. Used for centuries to treat skin conditions and to provide immune-supporting nutrients. Evidence strongly suggests it may help provide immense revolutionary nutritional support to the body’s immune system and for mucous membranes, such as those in the sinuses.

Monolaurin Distilled Glycerol in the form of a 100X concentrate, provides powerful support for the immune system. especially where antibiotics have been used before. This health energizing support usually produces a fast-acting feeling of wellbeing.

Lotus Leaf 10x Extract were highly regarded in Chinese natural complementary medicine and have been used for thousands of years. Lotus leaves contain high concentrations of nuciferine phytochemicals, compounds produced by plants to support themselves against bacterial and fungal assault, such as in lotus leaf extracts containing alkaloids, flavonoids and tannins. The isoquinoline alkaloid in lotus leaves nutritional factors supports calming and fantastic weight-loss potential properties, while flavonoids and tannins are powerful antioxidants that have been connected with weight loss and cardiovascular health support.

Olive Leaf ‘Oleuropein Extract’ Sisel uses a special, concentrated form of intensified Oleuropein which is up to perhaps 20 times more powerful than that found in most other products. Oleuropein is revered for its wide array of immune assisting nutrient properties, including support for cardiovascular systems, phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity against free radicals and nitrogen.

Chaga 10X Concentrate may be one of the most nutritionally dense ingredients naturally found, according to research scientists in China, Korea, and Russia. Using an extract that is ten times more concentrated, Avenger™ provides immense nutrient support to biological needs and functions. Chaga contains numerous B vitamins and is highly rich in phenolic compounds needed by the adrenal glands and digestive organs. It also contains enzymes, flavonoids, and minerals to support immune functions.

Cats Claw 10X Extract an amazing extract that provides powerful energetics to enhance the immune system and support healthful cognitive functions.

Red Root Powder concentrate supports lymph and interstitial fluid circulation. This nutrient provides rich support for the spleen and lymph nodes, blood, muscles, tissues, stomach and intestinal function. It also helps support blood transportation factors and bioavailability of nutrients to the cells, may support nutritional needs for muscles and immunity.

Garlic ‘Allicin’ Extract is high in enzymes for oxidative stress. Provides powerful nutritional support for the heart, including a variety of antioxidants and unique sulfur compounds for health support in exercise, fatigue and recovery. Thought to be a detoxifying agent for heavy metals, great for bone support and hormonal nutrients.

Ashwagandha 4x extract providing unique biological ingredients with adaptogenic properties for the body’s nutritional support of a healthy anti-inflammatory response, allergies, stress and anxiety, and mental health. Derived from India ayurvedic natural medicine, ashwagandha provides immensely concentrated nutritional agents for energy and stamina through a metabolic process sourced from antioxidants and hormonal nutrient forerunners. Ashwagandha intensifies immunity support for systems subjected to chemical attack.

Avenger™ . . . a Revolutionary Combination of Immunity Support Like Never Seen Before!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are unwell please consult a qualified health professional.

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