Why are Sisel International Products the best choice?

Utilizing evidence-based science, high-performance ingredients, SISEL produces powerful nutritional and personal care products with no potentially harmful ingredients.

As formulators, scientists, and product engineers both Tom Mower Snr (Biochemist) and Tom Mower Jnr (Biologist) (Sisel International Founders 2006) were awarded the Utah Genius Awards in 2010.

The Mower’s are known for new product inventions, patents issues, and as top registrants of new trademarks.

U. S. Patent and Trademark Office show that they are prolific in what they do.

They work together along with a team of 14 Full-Time PhD Scientists employed by Sisel — this comprises the most talented and the most advanced Research & Development Team in the Industry.

“I have never seen, heard or used a range of products that produce such consistent and outstanding results from so many happy product users. I love that Sisel Products are toxin free containing no harmful ingredients, and animal cruelty free.  I wholeheartedly believe SISEL produces the world’s most effective range of health and beauty products, making them the best choice for you and your family.”

Tom Mower Jnr and Tom Snr Leading Team or Research Scientists

Photo: Tom Mower Jnr leading team of research scientists. He is credited with developing some of the all-time, best-selling products in the health and wellness industry.