Alright hello and welcome everyone to the Wednesday night Sisel product call. This is Jacky Christiansen, your host for the 30-minute call. A little bit of my background is I am all about health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, I’m a certified personal trainer, certified child, and sports nutritionist and I love helping people with their health. I’m fascinated with the human body and ways that we can support the different systems in our body. It must be genetic because my dad was the same way. I remember when I was little he had all kinds of weird concoctions sitting on top of the refrigerator including garlic, and ginger and all kinds of funny things. We didn’t know why he was taking them. So part of me is also is the interest, I know I’m like my dad which is kind of interesting we all lean one way or the other.

So this company, Sisel international just has some amazing products, and I’m going to share this information with you tonight because I want you to be aware of the products that we have, and also what they do and what sets them apart. So those things are really, the components of what you need to know to share this information with your prospective customers, with your prospective distributors and also just with your family members and for yourself and I find that every time I go over one of the products that we have, I think this is the fourth product that I’m covering or fifth product. Every time I finish covering the product I realise personally that I better get on this product if I’m not on it, or I better stay on this product and I’m also compelled to share with other people what I learned. I also get responses from you all by email and text and Facebook saying ‘’I ordered mine today’’, ‘’I ordered mine tonight’’, ‘’I ordered it while I was listening’’, ‘’wow, I have people that I can share this with’’, ‘’please share the material covered’’, ‘’please send me more’’. So it’s really good to know about these products and not all of these are compelled like I am to go and do the research and study it, and I eat this stuff up. But if someone can condense it for you on these calls, it’s perfect because I’m going to give you the highlights. So take note and listen closely and then you can listen to the call again recorded.

So tonight’s topic is about the Supra Omega 3, ‘supra’ as it is super, as in super great, it really is. So let me give you some background and then you can read a lot of this from the website then I’m going to get into what the Omega 3 is and what is contained in it, it has so many health benefits. So there’s been over 14000 scientific studies published in prestigious medical journals over the past 35 years and it’s consistently shown that Omega 3 and what is in Omega 3 is EPA and DHA, they’re important to your health growth, every single stage of your body, and that is starting when you are in your mother’s womb. So if you know anyone that is pregnant please share this information or this call with them, I’ll get into it more specific. But Omega 3, EPA and DHA are widely recommended by cardiologists, by ophthalmologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, gastroenterologists, rheumatologists and dermatologists so that gives you some hints about what sort of properties it has. So even the ultra-conservative US food and drug administration, the FDA, issued a statement and I quote ‘’supportive but not conclusive research shows that consumption of EPA and DHA found in fatty acids, Omega 3 may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.’’ So for them to say supportive and not conclusive, that is incredible. I don’t think they say conclusively about anything. So think about it, you know the Omega 3 oils are just so beneficial to your body, the latest research show that a healthy diet includes a proper balance and that is key, we’ll talk about that between Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids. They have to be in balance or your health is out of balance. So health experts say that the ideal range is from 1 to 1 through 4 to 1. So 4 parts omega 6 and 1 part Omega 3 or 1 part Omega 6 and 1 part, and again I’ll get the details in a little bit. But most Americans, this is the scary part are typically 10 to 1. Or even 20 or 30 to 1. So it’s the wrong ratio, there’s too many Omega 6’s verses Omega 3’s. So that’s why we need to supplement. We get excessive amounts of Omega 6 from foods containing or prepared with vegetable oil. Safflower oil, canola oil, all the salad dressings that we have are cooked with. We get  a little Omega 3 from marine animals or plants such as gia and flaxseed which by the way are inferior to Omega 3 from fish sources. Experts recommend reducing your intake of fatty fried food and eating more fish to restore the healthy ratio and then, of course, you can always supplement with Supra Omega 3. Also, there are high concerns about heavy concentrations of contaminants in fish and then in turn fish oils that you would buy over the counter or over the internet. So the contaminants include PCBs, mercury, heavy metals and dioxins which are found in many fish populations and they pose an additional health threat. So you might be thinking you’re doing something good by buying your Omega 3 oils over the counter in the drug store, the grocery store, something like that, but you’d actually be adding those contaminants to your body, and instead of doing your body good, you’re doing your body poorly. So many experts agree that because of the purification process they undergo, fish oil supplements or food enriched with fish oils provide a much safer way to get adequate amounts of Omega 3, EPA, DHA. And eating a lot of fish, you know 5 to 7 times a week, with the exception of eating wild caught fish, with the exception of supplementing with an Omega 3 that has the PCBs, the mercury, the other contaminants removed. That is super important. So due to the superior sourcing and strict procedures Supra Omega 3 is Sisel-safe and contaminant free, so mercury free. Very important.

Okay, so why is Supra Omega 3 better? Well, one it doesn’t have a contaminant, they’ve all been removed, it’s completely clean and Sisel-safe. But it has 3 different types of marine Omega 3. It starts with algae, krill and fish oils. So the reason why this is so important is because the fish eat the krill. It’s a little tiny fish and then the krill feed off the algae. So you’ve got a whole food gene here. So there are so many benefits to these oils I’m going to give you. Well actually let me give you more background on Omega 3, hold on a second here.

Okay so just in overview, DHA is the main part of the fish oil. It’s the most important part that has all the benefits to it. So it’s the superior nutrient for cardiovascular health, cognitive functions, memory – if you can remember to take them, mood, learning, vision quality including protection against vascular degeneration. So last week we talked about the vital vision, so a great combination would be vital vision and our Supra Omega 3. It also supports your metabolism, by directly benefiting the health of your sight, adipose tissue and regulation of blood sugar. So I’m really going to get into that because that’s an exciting breakthrough and interesting to everyone. This is recent information; it just came out about less than 3 weeks ago. So DHA has been shown to assist factors that help you lose weight or maintain a proper weight while helping offset the stress factor associated with being overweight or gaining weight. In this regard maximising your Omega 3 or your DHA intake can be a powerful tool to assist you in removing excess body fat.

So the fatty acids actually make your cell membranes more flexible and more electrical enabling yourself to do better controlling the influx of nutrients and calories and it the potential inflammatory reaction that would otherwise stress your cells, leaving your cells stressed out. It even accumulates in arterial plaque and it protects you from plaque rupturing and causing a stroke. So this is the structural aspect of the DHA. As far as fats are concerned, you know, we are what we eat. So the higher DHA intake is associated with healthier cells everywhere in your body. So as you consistently consume DHA over time it gradually builds into your cell membrane. So it makes those cell membranes pliable and easy to communicate. It’s also a potent gene regulator, so just like exercise turns on genes that are mostly associated with health, well in the presence of DHA it turns on genes that are mostly associated with health also, including healthy metabolism of calories. Also helps with brain functions, DHA helps with mental skills. It helps keep brain cells healthy by rejuvenating and supporting the actual cell structures in the brain. Isn’t that cool?

So studies show that DHA suppresses the accumulation of triglycerides or blood fat within stored fat meaning it helps to prevent your fat cells from expanding in size, how about that? And reaching a level of malfunction that’s typically associated with metabolic disease. So this is really important for people that are not only battling the scales but also battling insulin levels, type 2 diabetes, and the like. In fact one animal study it showed that DHA but not EPA, it changed multiple gene signals specifically in abdominal fat. So to prevent abdominal fat cells also from expanding in size. So there you go, you want DHA. You want Supra Omega 3 to help your fat cells from getting bigger around your tummy. It’s the size of the abdominal fat cells directly related to disease risk like heart disease, this is really an important thing. Not just vanity here.

So also DHA shows,  DHA associated with smaller abdominal fat mass and lower levels of leptin and leptin is the primary hormone made in white adipose tissues that regulate your energy level. So if you heard that fat cells are active, they are. They’re not just sitting there. The white fat cells actually produce leptins. So lowering leptin production within your abdominal fat, helps lower the key problem that causes people to overeat, and the problem with leptin resistance is caused by too much leptin floating around in your blood so it’s all related. Everything kind of crosses over. So the reduction in fat cells caused by DHA promotes better fitness, of the fat cells your fat cells have fitness level. So it increases the fitness level of your white adipose tissue by having more cells that are sensitive to influence. And because of the smaller size, they influence fewer fatty acids on an on-going basis which should mean that it lowers your triglyceride levels in your blood. Quite a bit more information than you wanted to know but hey now you know so much more than you did 10 minutes ago right?

Also, high triglycerides, they clog leptin entry into your brain, and they promote leptin resistance at your blood-brain barrier. So just to keep your heart healthy, just to keep your white adipose tissue cells to a minimum you want to be taking Supra Omega alright? So anyone on a diet out there, anyone with cardiovascular issues, anyone with blood sugar issues, they should be on Supra Omega 3, okay?

Also, DHA has been shown to enhance the enzymes within the white adipose tissue that break down stored fat, which helps your body release the fat storage when you’re in the process of losing weight. It also improves the energy efficiency of the mitochondria. So these are the little energy stores in our cells. They also involve cell signalling and cell death and cell growth and all this good stuff. So it improves the efficiency and I heard that people and experts say that your overall health is dependent not only on your cells but what’s happening in the cells within the mitochondria. So the little energy burners, that’s what gives you energy.

Okay, let’s see what else here. Also good to know that DHA has been shown to reduce the activity of genes that change baby fat cells, you know baby fat cells and then they mature into adult fat cells. So it means that it ends up limiting the rate of growth of your fat. Okay, so it doesn’t let the baby fat cells mature into adult fat cells. Also, you gain weight, your fat becomes stretched out. It starts mounting an immune response. So I’m giving you all of this guys as a background and then I give you specifics on the overly okay? So you can just listen to this part and then I’ll give you specifics. So within the white adipose tissue are cells of your immune system, so as I said those fat cells aren’t just sitting there, they’re very active. So they’re creating leptins and they also have an effect on your immune system. Primarily the monocytes and the macrophages, for those of you that are interested. Fat cells that are too rapidly expanding in size, they gain weight too quickly or you can gain too many fat cells in other ways and that is if you’re having too many calories or specifically carbohydrates and your body can’t burn them by the time you go to sleep, your body does you a favour and saves the energy for you later in case you need it. But if you don’t have enough fat cells to store them guess what happens. Your body makes more. Makes enough fat cells for you to store all the fat you have so this is really important. So fat cells which are rapidly expanding in size send out a wakeup call to your monocytes and your monocytes sound the immune response alarm bells by producing a communication signal and your monocytes [attracting?] a protein NCP1 and this is like a 911 call for all the macrophages in your body calling into action. All the macrophages that are in your white adipose tissues that also sends out a signal around your body for more to come to your fat. So it’s like a 911 call where it blows the whistle and then calls all the fat over. So these macrophages have an undesirable side effect of producing high levels of inflammation that are detrimental to your health. So the DHA actually turns off that MVP signal, turns off the whistleblower, and it turns off the inflammatory alarm bells at the gene level. So it turns down the value on the inflammation. Really important. In fact, a study with overweight insulin-resistant women compared the effects of weight loss without DHA to the effects of weight loss with DHA found in Omega 3, and what happened was the process of the weight loss produced improved influence and sensitivity. It’s just from losing weight. Improved influence and sensitivity, lowered triglycerides with that and lowered information. So the DHA group but not the non-DHA group showed increased levels of DHA where they incorporated the structure of the white adipose tissue. So this is really important and I could go on and on and on but we’re going to skip right over and talk about all the things that Supra Omega 3, as in Omega 3 oils and DHA, how they affect these particular systems and the benefits okay?

So first, and this is a [firm?] of the studies. Remember there’s thousands of studies, these are just some, these are the highlights, so you might want to write these down. So the benefits of DHA found in our Supra Omega 3 is the anti-inflammatory effects. So DHA responds to inflammation by activating the anti-inflammatory genes. The next one is DHA Omega 3 fatty acids actually combats obesity and I’ll just give you a couple little hints of how that works. Next one is Omega 3 fatty acids prevents serious mental health problems. We don’t have time to go into each and every one of these, it would be a 2-hour call. You can actually do the research on this yourself, you can look at the studies at or you can Google and you know you can find the studies as well. Make sure you’re looking at good sources that have references to the studies okay? So pay attention to the websites you’re looking at.

Also, Omega 3 oil slows aging by preserving, the keyword we all love okay? So Omega 3 slows the aging process by so it’s important. Omega 3 will also help correct leptin which we just talked about and a lack of Omega 3 fatty acids actually kills 84000 people per year, they bring it back to deficiency in fatty acids. The next thing is DHA protects against Parkinson’s Disease. We talked about how DHA helps with mental skills, it helps keep the brain healthy and rejuvenates the brain by supporting the small structures within the brain. Here’s a good one about cancer; DHA helps combat cancer by stopping the toxic kidney-related side effects of the cancer drug treatment. The drug is called Cisplatin, c-i-s-p-l-a-t-i-n, if you’re not familiar with it, and DHA supports healthy functions and anti-oxidant systems in the kidneys and it lowers the inflammatory marker, C-reactive protein CRP. The reason why it helps against cancer is because it’s crucial for cancer to grow in an environment where there are depleted anti-oxidants and increased inflammation. Okay so DHA increases the anti-oxidants and lowers inflammation. Super important for anyone that is dealing with cancer or who’s had cancer. Also, DHA stabilises artery plaque. Omega 3 may also reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. It supports nervous systems functions, supports joint function and mobility so think arthritis. It promotes healthy immune system functions you know especially with winter coming up and DHA also helps reduce high blood pressure. It may also help reduce triglycerides in our cells and specifically LDL, lower LDL which is a low diet cholesterol and raise the HDL which is considered the good healthy fat. It also promotes healthy glowing skin, it supports healthy eyes, we talked about how DHA combats cancer, and specifically, fish oil and these are all studies that I’m citing by the way. Fish oil lowers aggressive prostate cancer risk by 63 percent. Huge. So I would say Omega 3 and lycopene which is found in tomatoes and watermelons. Fish oil also reduces invasive breast cancer risk by 32 percent, and these are studies that you can find on As we discussed DHA helps with metabolic health, DHA also helps with cardiovascular health, also bone health. Now there’s a study with regard to DHA and brain health and heart health but as far as heart health goes, heart attack patients, so someone who has their first heart attack, and they began taking Omega 3 verses statin drugs which is prescription drugs, they had half the risk for a second major cardiovascular event. In other words they cut the risk in half for having a second heart attack. Okay? So that was 9 percent on statin’s and 18 percent lowering the risk with Omega 3’s. Also, they found that the higher doses of DHA were better for protection.

So let’s talk a little bit about DHA and the brain. So DHA is found in the, you don’t need to take notes anymore if you don’t want to, you can just listen, there’s just so much information. DHA is found in the outer membrane of every cell in your brain, where it manages information regulation, it also enables to slow the autoimmune transmitters which is the communication in a more optimum way. So the need for DHA starts in brain development very early. It’s best divided by mothers intake during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In fact, the most recent study shows that mothers who took only 300mg of DHA a day during pregnancy had babies with better speech development, which is a key indicator of helping neurodevelopment. So it’s really important and scientist feel that in pregnancy the intake of DHA should be much higher than that because the DHA is transferred, it’s a very high priority to the developing baby.  Also, parents, they found that giving their children DHA helps them learn, always a good thing. And a study with boys has shown that a DHA intake of 400mg or 1200mg per day improves attention function. So I know anyone that has children who have hyperactivity, ADD, ADHD, or symptoms of, should be giving their kids DHA and also, let’s see here, let me skip to the good part, alright. Okay that’s all I want to say there.

Let me go ahead over to one last section and then we’ll finish up. So I mentioned earlier that DHA is the most biological useful Omega 3 fatty acid, more than more than flaxseed. So I’m just going to quickly go over and explain the extreme value of DHA and Omega 3 oil to your health. So fish oil is now recognised as an important nutrient for the prevention of heart arrhythmias that lead to sudden death. And Omega 3 oil has significant proof that they can extend your life. They’re also superior nutrients to assist fat related calorie burning that we talked about and they promote they health of your white adipose tissue and now we know why so you can lose weight or maintain your healthy weight right. So how much do you need? And what are Omega 3 fatty acids? Well they’re a type of fat that cannot be produced by your body from other fats. So they have to come from your diet. And also membranes in the body can use them to regulate health and minimally they’re needed for growth which is originally a reason for turning them to essential fatty acids. But DHA is by far the most biologically active Omega 3 and it’s the dominant type that’s found in your cell membrane. So DHA is the primary fatty acid associated with cardio health and improves circulation. So when animals are raised free range, then the ALA Omega 3 in the grass they eat is converted by the animal to EPA and DHA in the body and then store it in their fat. So this is why you want to have grass fed  because the higher amount, well one of the reasons, their higher amount of EPA and DHA. So most of the animals the American food supplies, they don’t eat grass, they eat corn instead. They have very little Omega 3 in their fat so the really fish is the main dieters source of DHA Omega 3. So make sure again you are supplementing with Omega 3 which is clean and pure, no contaminants, If you’re eating fish which you should a couple of times a week, make sure it’s not farm raised. Because the farm raised are not raised in cold, the deep ocean waters, they don’t have as much fatty insulation which protects against the cold, they have lower levels of EPA and DHA and whatever levels they have are contaminated, unless they’re freshwater, wild caught.

So our food supply is lacking in high quality DHA compared to our evolutionary diet, and then as I mentioned earlier, you know all these other oils, or Omega 6 oils and they are soy oil, corn oil,  sunflower oil,  oil and if you have these types of oil in your body the more Omega 3 DHA you need okay. So the Omega 3, it has to be  ratio. I generally never get enough of Omega 3, we’re actually eating fish 3 times a day, 7 days a week then supplementing, but you don’t ever have to worry about supplementing with Omega 6.

Okay so the government guidelines for Omega 3 consumption are 1600mg per day for men and 1100mg per day for women. Alright, there’s no government guidelines for the amount of DHA specifically so the guideline they give is for Omega 3. But studies with the combination of EPA and DHA found in Omega 3 show that 1000mg a day is adequate to protect against that second heart attack we talked about. 1000mg a day is equivalent to 600 EPA or 400 DHA. So by having this amount can significantly lower your triglycerides, blood pressure equates to less sticky platelets, lower information and improves cardiovascular functions. And important for changing cardio risk factors and losing weight. So DHA is the key biologically active essential fatty acid that you want to make sure you get adequate amounts of and you definitely want to supplement with this. So Dan and I?] and the family, we eat several servings of fish a week, I would say 3 or 4 and we still supplement because you really can’t get enough, you can’t get that amount you’re looking for. So other than the bottom line should on Omega 3 or should be on Omega 3.

Alright, let me see if we covered all the proportions of the call, yeah just a couple of studies. So in a 4 ounce serving of salmon or tuna, just to give you an idea of about how much you need. You’ll get about 2000mg of EPA and DHA and that breaks down to 1200mg of EPA and 800 of DHA. And Japanese men consuming this amount of fish every day have half the rate of heart disease. Half the rate and twice the blood level of essential fatty acids compared to Japanese men living in the U.S. So also Alzheimer’s, a study in Alzheimer patients with 1700mg of DHA proved significant uptake and incorporation of DHA into cell membranes and significant information reduction, in fact, DHA is known to boost  and as I mentioned it protects against Parkinson’s.

Let’s see, I know we’re running out of time here. I think that’s everything I wanted to cover tonight. I know it was a lot of information, but the take away is everyone needs to be on Omega 3, and supplement with this. And if you’re having fish in your diet make sure it is wild caught, not farm raised. Make sure that your Omega 3 is Supra Omega 3, if not make sure it does not include any contaminants. You know everything that Sisel makes is Sisel-safe, organic, toxin-free, good for your body. It’s the highest quality you could possibly put in your body.  And remember people that have all sorts of ailments, diseases, illnesses, conditions that we talked about can be helped by including Omega 3 in your diet. Inflammation, heart health, brain health, aging, fat loss, Parkinson’s, and on and on and on. So I hope you took some good notes, I basically covered everyone. Everyone’s needs, right? So I’m going to go and end the call tonight. Thanks everyone for being on the call I appreciate your participation in the call and we’ll catch you next time.

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