Sisel Australia Product Ordering FAQ

Q – When did Australia open?
A – December 5th 2012

Q – I have been residing in another country and will be moving to Australia, how do I change over to an Australian ID?
A – To change over you will simply enroll as a NEW Australian Distributor under the same sponsor and then contact the support team. They will help you finish the process to transfer info to your new account and then close your old account.

Q – If I have a Sisel Distributorship in another country, and am moving to Australia will I need to pay the annual fee when I re-register?
A – Yes. All new Australian distributorships will need to register with the normal enrollment (free to enroll) as well as a minimum 50 PV order.

Q – What does it mean to be an NFR market?
A – NFR stands for “Not for Resale”

Q – Are there any restrictions or special instructions based on the NFR program?
A – Yes. As an NFR market there are a few restrictions. Orders may not exceed a 3 month supply of any one product. An error message will appear in your back office if an order exceeds that allotment. Additionally, due to flammable material fees and certain NFR limitations, there will be a small amount of products that will not be available in our Australian market. Those items include the Essential Oil line, Progesterone, Thermarol, FulFill and the Elegance Gel Nail System.

Q – What currency will be used to place orders and pay commissions?
A – Australian Dollars

Q – What will the compensation plan be in Australia?
A – Sisel’s Global-Seamless Compensation Plan will be the same in Australia as it is for our North American Markets. Please follow this link to learn more

Q – What will be the acceptable payment methods for order placement?
A – Orders can be paid for via credit card, debit card, eWallet

Q – What is the estimated shipping timeframe?
A – The estimated shipping days will be the 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd. In order to keep shipping charges as low as possible, shipments will be sent when our aggregate total has been met. Our goal will be to ship on the aforementioned dates, however, there may be delays based on volume

Q – Who will be the contact for support in Australia?
A – The North American Support team will be available to our Australian Distributors and Customers. They can be reached by dialing 801-704-6700 or via email at [email protected] Support Agents will be available from 7am – 7pm MST, as well as after-hour Agents to accommodate Australian hours of operation

Q – Will I pay any customs, duties, or fees in addition to my shipping cost?
A – All orders under $1000 AUD will arrive without any additional fees. Orders over $1000 AUD may be subject to additional fees from customs.

Q – Is there a minimum order I need to place when I register for an Australian ID?
A – Yes, for all markets there is a minimum 50PV order required at the time of registration

Q – What will the Shipping and Handling charges be for orders to Australia?
A – Shipping and Handling charges $25 AUD


Q-How do I am obtain the best price for Sisel Products
A- Join as a Distributor