Sisel Australia Product Ordering FAQ

Q – When did Australia open?
A – December 5th 2012

Q – When did Australia officially launch?
A – Personally I feel the launch date for Australia is when the opening of the Sisel New Zealand Distribution Warehouse opened in early Feb 2018.

Q – What does it mean to be an NFR market?
A – NFR stands for “Not for Resale”

Q – Are there any restrictions or special instructions based on the NFR program?
A – Yes. As an NFR market there are a few restrictions. Orders may not exceed a 3 month supply of any one product. Do not exceed more than $800 in one order. Please split your orders up so that you avoid customs duty which will add an additional 10%

Q – What currency will be used to place orders and pay commissions?
A – New Zealand Dollars

Q – What will the compensation plan be in Australia?
A – Sisel’s Global-Seamless Compensation Plan will be the same in Australia as it is for our North American Markets. Please follow this link to learn more

Q – What will be the acceptable payment methods for order placement?
A – Orders can be paid for via credit card, debit card, eWallet

Q – What is the estimated shipping timeframe?
A – The estimated time for Australia is 3 to 10 days.

Q – What will the Shipping and Handling charges be for orders to Australia?
A – This depends on the size and weight of your order. Generally speaking shipping fee is 15% of the total order. Some exclusions apply.

Q – Who will be the contact for support in Australia?
A – The North American Support team will be available to our Australian Distributors and Customers. They can be reached by dialing 801-704-6700 or via email at [email protected] Support Agents will be available from 7am – 7pm MST, as well as after-hour Agents to accommodate Australian hours of operation. Australia will have its own dedicated customer service number in the near future.

Q – Will I pay any customs, duties, or fees in addition to my shipping cost?
A – All orders under $1000 AUD will arrive without any additional fees. Orders over $1000 AUD may be subject to additional fees from customs.

Q – Is there a minimum order I need to place when I register for an Australian ID?
A – No

Q-How do I am obtain the best price for Sisel Products
A- Join as a Distributor, you will save 10% as compared to a Preferred Customer

Q- How to I order Sisel Products
A – See video below