Alright hello and welcome everyone. Welcome to the Sisel Wednesday night product call this is Jacky Christianson your host and I’m also a certified nutritionist, personal trainer and just all around nutrition and fitness and this product that we’re going to talk about tonight, is an ingredient called fucoidan, it’s made from limu muoi, we’re going to talk about what it is, where it comes from, the properties that it has which they just go on and on and also the types of things that you may want to use or suggest to people why they might want to use this product. So let’s go ahead and get started. So fucoidan is a product that Sisel International offers, actually makes and distributes and the spelling is a little bit different, it’s fucoydon but it’s also a plant, it’s a sea vegetable called fucoidan and it comes from limu muoi and fucoidan is a plant or a sea vegetable spelt fucoidan and it’s found off the island of Tunga, Japan and also Hawaii. Now the most potent, the best, the most concentrated limu muoi is found off the coast of Tunga. Now fucoidan is a component of limu muoi. The limu muoi, that’s l-i-m-u-m-u-o-i, if you want to Google it, is a power packed sea vegetable that’s been eaten for thousands of years in these coastal areas I mentioned and because of the great nutritive value these remarkable plants are used to regenerate and increase well-being in people in these areas. In many cases, scientists are supporting some of the traditional uses of limu muoi and there are new discoveries about limu muoi, it seems like daily, it’s on-going. You can actually go and Google limu muoi or fucoidan. But you could also go to, the national institute of health site where all medical scientific studies are published.  And you’ll find so many different studies. Not only on just fucoidan but how fucoidan relates to certain conditions, illnesses and you’ll see also some health properties and really quite interesting. But those who regularly include this food in their diet enjoy sustained levels of health, so in this area of increased health concerns often related to poor nutrition it just makes sense to include this as part of your diet. So in Okinawa Japan limu is called mozuku and there the seaweed is harvested from coastal water but to supply Japan’s huge demand, Tongan limu is also valued, and that’s what we use so the Japanese people had known the extraordinary therapeutic value of Tongan seaweed for hundreds of years and they know that limu moui grows abundantly in Tonga’s perfect climate and in some of the most pristine waters of the world.

Quick story just so you know Tom Mower co-founder of Sisel actually heard about the most pristine wonderful limu moui that was found in Tunga. He went to Tunga and he met with the king. He met with the king of Tunga and arranged to purchase all of the seaweed, all of the fucoidan limu moui that they had there in Tunga and then have it shipped back so, I forgot how many tons he had but brought it back to the states and brought it back to Sisel International and he wanted to perfect the processing of it and make it just so intensified and so and nutrient rich that he actually came up with his own process. So there are 2 patents on this process I understand, and that contributes to the potency and just the efficacy of the fucodyon and you can verify this that [04:48] fucoidan according to Tom is 8 to 9 times the normal strength of any other fucoidan products out there. So it’s not a couple of times better, it’s tremendously better, and there’s patents on the process and there’s patents on the actual end as well.

So investigations have shown that limu muoi contains a significant concentrations of the active component fucoidan and fucoidan is a complex polysaccharide which is a natural  sugar with all sorts of health properties and it’s the subject of over 900 scientific studies listed in that PubMed database I mentioned. So these studies revealed the amazing regenerative properties of fucoidan that affect nearly every system of the body. Fucoidan research is catching worldwide attention and articles on fucoidan’s miraculous benefits are appearing in authoritative medical journals. So science sees promise for fucoidan as a powerful support to the immune system. Fucoidan also enhances normal cell growth and division, and reports indicate that fucoidan supports normal liver and circulatory function. Also seaweed experts believe that having a daily dose of seaweed sustains healthy body functions, and people who eat fucoidan-rich limu moui on a regular basis in our case, drink the limu moui, fucoidan from limu moui, report sustained energy and feel support to the digestion system and also as an aid to help support normal pancreatic function. So I’m just going to go down the list here and talk about the fucoidan health benefits.

Alright so fucoidan is believed to be nature’s most diverse and effective cell signaller. Before I go into the details let me just say that fucoidan has 3 different areas where it’s very very strong. One, it’s a cell signaller. Two it in turn supports to regenerate cells in the body, so cell regeneration. Also immune system, it’s an immune system supporter. And number three it’s a natural anti-inflammatory support ingredient. Okay so these 3 things I mentioned to you are the things that you need to know when you share fucoidan information with a potential customer or potential distributer. Just those 3 things. You don’t need get into all this detail, it’ll overwhelm them, they’ll think they have to know that, 3 things, I would give people bullet points like just give them the highlights. So again, it supports cell regeneration, immune system and supports the fight against inflammation naturally. So I’ll come back to those 3 things and let you know how it applies to people that you’re talking to, they have one condition or one requirement or how you might recommend it. Okay so the cell signaller, it has enormous power and energy in supporting significant and forceful effects on stems cells. Organs, tissues, and many biological structures and systems within the body. Fucoidan has amazing health benefits and it contains all 8 essential saccharides for cellular communication. It has mannose. In fact, the Chinese people say that fucoidan is like mothers milk, like that’s a nickname in China, mothers milk, it has all the ingredients of natural mothers milk that we know. So what is mannose? Mannose is a type of saccharide. It supports the fight against viral, bacterial, parasitic and fungal infections. It supports the body in the fight against inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis, lupus patients are deficient in this saccharide so it would make sense that if they’re deficient in it, you need more and mannose is contained in fucoidan. Mannose supports the lowering of blood sugar and triglyceride levels in diabetic patients. It also contains something called fucose, f-u-c-o-s-e, it supports the increase of growth factors IGF-1 and IGF-2 identical to those found abundant in breast milk. Now IGF-1 and 2 are growth factors.

Okay it also influences brain development, the ability to create long term memories. It induces the production of immune factors called interferon and interleukin in immunocytes, really important to the immune system. It regulates the immunomodulating activity at a cellular level, and supports the activation of  stem cells, it creates hormonal anti-aging longevity factors. So you see this as kind of a support to products.

Mannose inhibits tumour growth through apopitosis. Apopitosis means cell death and we’ll get more in to that later because it’s very very exciting and I have particular studies I’ll share with you at the end of the call.

Metabolism of the saccharide called fucose is abnormal in cystic fibrosis, diabetes, cancer and shingles, so im opinion makes sense to supplement as fucoidan made provide support as it contains this fucose. It’s active against herpes viruses including herpes 1 and the cytomegalovirus. The cytomegalovirus is something that is found, I can’t remember if it’s 70% or 80% of all elderly people. Very dangerous virus, but it can remain dormant or it can be activated. It also supporst and guards against respiratory infections and with regards to allergy it inhibits allergic reactions by inhibiting IgE. It also increases growth factors for muscle rebuilding. It supports bone growth and repair; it creates the growth factors for skin, hair and lining of the internal organs. If you’re not impressed yet let me start over. Pretty incredible isn’t it?

It reacts directly with anti-inflammatory inhibitors and it re-pigments greying hair and you may also see a potent energy in metabolism increase. It has a naturally high ORAC value which supports eyes and major organs.

The next saccharide is called galactose and galactose is very important in wound healing, it enhances wound healing, it increases calcium absorption, it triggers long-term memory formations and it’s glucose which is a potent fast-energy source, it enhances memory, it stimulates calcium absorption, and elderly Alzheimer’s patients register lower level of the saccharide then those with organic brain disease from stroke or other vascular diseases. Again that means that fucoidan that contains galactose. Galactose could be good for an Alzheimer’s patient.

Glucose metabolism is disturbed in depression, manic depression, anorexia and bulimia so this could support people who suffer with that condition. Also it has, be patient with me here this is a long one, N-Acetylgalactosamine, heart disease patients have lower than normal levels of this saccharide. It also inhibits the spread of tumours; it’s an immune modulator with antitumor properties and activity against HIV, and it has N-Acetylglucosamine which is vital to learning. Now let me just remind you I’m covering a lot of information here, there are just too many but again there’s over 900 different studies at that you could go and pull up individual studies you could put in fucoidan and Alzheimer’s you could put in fucoidan and tumours and the first studies will come up for you. We are not making any claims relating to our products just pointing you to some ingredients to go do you own research.

Alright it also has a saccharide called glucosamine. Actually the glucosamine is a metabolic product, biproduct of the glucosamine and it helps repair cartilage. It also decreases pain and inflammation. So you probably recognise that name because it’s in a lot of joint formulas. It also increases the range of motion, it repairs mucosal-lining which is a defensive barrier implicated in Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and interstitial cystitis. It also has N-Acetylneurominic acid which is important for brain development and learning. It repels bacteria, it repels viruses and other pathogens. It’s also abundant in breast milk. It also has something called xylose, x-y-l-o-s-e, antibacterial and antifungal properties. It may Support the body when fighting cancer of the digestive tract, fucoidan also supports to the body to protect against radiation damage, HIV virus protection, also acts as an anticoagulant, a blood thinner, so this is the only property that I know of that I’ve found where it may have some sort of drug interaction. So if you know someone who is continuing this or if it’s yourself, be careful about the anticoagulant properties and check with your doctor.

So that is an overview of the properties of fucoidan which comes from the limu muoi just so many things that it can help with, and before I get into the specific cases of cancer patients I just want to tell you 2 stories. Aaron Rennert, the vice president of international international which you probably know is a professional bike racer, has a team of 200 people, is ranked number one in the state of his age category and also number five in the U.S a few years back now he’s so much time to, so he’s not doing a lot of racing but just so you know that’s the calibre of his athleticism. Well he was hit by a van while riding his bike and the van broad sighted him at an intersection and the woman in the van had 5 kids in the van with her so Aaron gets knocked off his bike but before that happens, his sunglasses, he was wearing a helmet and sunglasses , actually cut into his face he shut the front of them with his mouth and nose so as you can imagine he was quite cut up and bleeding. He ended up getting stiches, over 65 stitches the doctor stopped counting at 65 but there was a gaping hole from his lip, the centre of his lip, or actually half way, three quarters across in a diagonal line so if you can imagine his upper lip across his nose and then stopped just a centimetre or so away from his eye. So quite a deep cut or, the lip was actually split by the impact and was he did was go to the hospital and it was very very swollen and if you look inside your distributor marketing book there’s a couple of videos in the back pocket of the and one of them there’s actually a video and you can actually see the photos of Aaron before and after, let me just tell you the name of that, there’s 2 in there. I actually gave it away last week but it’s not the one that says ‘’why buy a Sisel product ‘’ it’s the other one, I think it’s ‘the opportunity’. And midway through that video you’ll see pictures of Aaron and he tells the story but here’s the interesting thing. Six days after the impact, six days after the surgery, the doctor sewed him all back up, he went back for his check-up and the doctor had to ask ‘’so what did I do to you again?’’ and he said ‘’well you sewed up my face’’ and he said ‘’okay would you mind telling me exactly where I did that?’’ there was no evidence, there was no scar there was nothing at all and Aaron said he had been just guzzling at the fucoidan he kept by his bed and he would just kind of take a swig of it all day long. I think he said he had probably a total of 4 ounces of it a day. He used it like a medicine, he used it like a drug, he used it as a prescription and he knew all the support i could provide for wound healing. The properties that the fucoidon has and it appeared to enable him to heal in just an incredibly short amount of time without leaving a scar. So that’s Aaron’s story.

My own story is that I have an autoimmune disorder and I also have osteoarthritis stage 2 it’s in my back, in my neck and it gets really bad in my elbow, my right elbow and right wrist my left shoulder, my left hip it’s worse and I had a lag time being of being on the wonderful products because I had moved between companies and so everything started to hurt again and my migranes came back too so I was in terrible shape not feeling good, feeling sick again because of the autoimmune, and I didn’t eat and Dan and I just hoped and prayed that these Sisel products were going to work because my quality of life just dropped, if I’m not feeling good obviously. So after just over 2 months all the ailments went away and the right elbow, the left, the shoulder, the hip, everything, the autoimmune, got my strength back, everything was back and I didn’t know which product it was and then all 3 into the effect also but I knew it was one of the three. Well we have older kids and they started drinking the products too and I ran out before my other shipment came and I was without the fucoidan for maybe even 5 days but 4 was the trigger. I started getting sick and I could tell my autoimmune had a flair up, my right elbow was killing me, I couldn’t do a push-up, I couldn’t do pull downs with the I couldn’t put any pressure on hand, my  was bad, my foot, I remember my foot would hurt, I felt like an old lady.  And I just had a feeling it was the fucoidan, so fucoidan comes, I took it a couple of times within the 24hours the next day I’m fine, nothing hurt. It happened one more time, I started to get sick, again the fucoidan came and within 24 hours my pain gone, so I know the fucoidan keeps me well, just incredible properties so I want you to just share these stories. Don’t make any promises, don’t make any claims to people, just let them know what we have and what might be able to help and of course you can tell your own story too. But before I wrap up the call, let me just tell you that there has been, this is really important information, there have been studies in cancer patients and there is actually a book written by a Japanese doctor in Japan on fucoidan and the amazing powers that fucoidan has with regard to ingredients healing powers and this not a claim I’m just citing the book for you okay? And the name of the doctor is Dr. Tachikawa, so T as in Tom, a-c-h-i-k-a-w-a. And his first name is Daisuke, something like that D-a-i-s-u-k-e. So Dr. Daisuke Tachikawa and the name of his book is The Amazing Power of Fucoidon, spelt f-u-c-o-i-d-o-n.  So this book actually explains how fucoidon can support the body to fight cancer. He says to simply put it, fucoidon not only enhances the patient’s natural healing power but also supports apaptosis of cancer cells. Remember that’s cell cancer death. This is indeed its most remarkable function, in other words fucoidon does not attack cancer cells directly but it causes the body to get them to surrender. Of course fucoidon does not promote apaptosis in normal cells it only works with cancer cells, there’s four. Fucoidon produces no side effects unlike anticancer drugs where the patient suffers no additional damage or discomfort according to Dr. Tachikawa. So I urge you to look at the book, I’m going to order it myself, I haven’t read it yet but I do keep it as a reference because I run into people that have prostate cancer or they’re dealing with breast cancer, or something like that. All we can do is suggest what may provide support, they have to have it approved by their doctor of course because most patients are on a very strict regiment of treatment, many times, most times they’re told not to be on any supplements so it’s controversial in that way, not on what it can do but just be aware doctors approval is needed. So there are actually case files, 32 cancer case files and it ranges from, I’ll just name different cancers okay? Lung cancer, bronchial cancer, terminal lung cancer , bronchial cancer, stomach cancer, oesophageal cancer, large intestinal cancer, case 5 is stomach cancer, lay there  2 weeks waiting for a hospital bed,  outpatient treatment alone without suffering side effects from anti-inflammatory drugs. Case number 6 terminal stomach cancer, case 7 stomach cancer, case 8 stomach cancer, case 9 oesophageal cancer, again they mention stomach cancer, then oesophageal cancer,  rectal cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, gall bladder, liver, hepatitis C, liver, pancreatic, kidney, gall bladder, uterine, ovarian, breast cancer, surgery unnecessary, uterine, ovarian, prostate, pharyngeal, urinal bladder cancer, testicular, again prostate, lymph nodes, pharyngeal, laryngeal,  cancer, testicular, skin cancer, thyroid, malignant and, leukaemia brain tumour , case 26 skin cancer, melanoma, it spreads throughout the body, case 27 thyroid, 28 lymphoma, case 29 leukaemia, lung cancer prolific to brain feeding brain tumour metastasising from lung cancer, plasmas, hypertension, lowering chronic hypertension, 32 liver disease.

So these are all case studies that I’ve mentioned which it cites in these books in details at length, so I’ve had people ask me ‘’well do you know how much they were taking?’’,  ‘’do you know what kind?’’, ‘’were they taking ours?’’I do not know exactly what they will taking, this is in Japan, I don’t know, I need the details. I’m going to buy the book probably like many of you are, but that wraps it up for the call, I’ve given you a lot of information as you can see fucoidan has amazing powerful health benefits. You should see on this yourself if you’re not already, tell people about this product, share the information, I’m going to record this, I’m recording this.

Transcript taken from Jackie Christiansen Youtube Video

7 june 2018

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