Below are Sisel Product Fact Sheets for the full product line. The fact sheets contain instructions for use, ingredients and where applicable nutritional information. Sisel has recently updated the packaging and we are seeing the old packaging phasing out.

Sisel Age Reversal Supplement FactSheets

Sisel Product Fact Sheets

AGE Pill (Stem Cell Support, Age Reversal/ Anti Aging)

Fucoydon_Fact_Sheet (Support Inflammation in the body, very powerful, supports immune system, cellular repair)

SpectraMaxx Fact Sheet (Trace Minerals, Essential Vitamins, Megatonic)

Eternity_Fact_Sheet (Resveratrol, sirtuin gene, Age Reversal, Immune Support)

Essential_Eternity (Resveratrol, sirtuin gene, Age Reversal, Immune Support)

TSX_Fact_Sheet (Age Reversal Telomere Support Extreme)

4Restore_Fact_Sheet (Supports: Testosterone, Human Growth, Blood Pressure, Muscle Mass)

Emcompass360_Fact_Sheet (Powerful Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement)

SupraOmegaPlus_Fact_Sheet (CoEnzyme Q10, EFA’s including 7 & 9. Joint support, Heart and brain health Support,  Fats essential for health)

Renovator_Fact_Sheet (Supports inflammation, and joints, bones, cartilage support, assists the body to repair muscular skeletal…etc)

InnerChi_For_Her_Fact_Sheet (Hormones for health and age reversal for Women)

InnerChi_For_Him_Fact_Sheet (Hormones for health and age reversal for Men)

Avenger_Fact_Sheet (Massive  immune support)

Influence_Fact_Sheet (Immune support for lungs respiratory conditions)

Vital_Vision_Fact_Sheet (Supports healthy vision and eyes)

SupraDetox_Fact_Sheet (Assists in eliminating waste from the body as well as parasites)

CalciumK2  (Vitamin D, Calcium and K2)

BalanceD_Fact_Sheet (Pre and Probotic with Vitamin D)

BodyShield Fact Sheet  (Supports elimination of heavy metals and supports radiation exposure)


Sisel Weight Loss and Fitness Fact SheetsSisel Product Fact Sheets

SiselRipt Fact Sheet Brochure (Muscle Gain, Maintence, Strength, Tone)

SiselLean_Chocolate_Fact_Sheet (Meal Replacement/Protein Shake)

SiselLean_Vanilla_Fact_Sheet (Meal Replacement/Protein Shake)

UltraMaxx Fact Sheet (Energy Drink)

Sisel Kaffe Fact Sheets

Sisel Product Fact Sheets

FireNIce Tea_Fact_Sheet (Energy boost, high in B and C vitamins, 100mg of buffered caffeine, thermogenic cold drink, (sweeter very similar to stevia), curb appetite, replace soda)

Sencha Green_Tea_Fact_Sheet (Japanese Green Tea with added ingredients to boost health)

Kaffe Black Coffee Instant Fact_Sheet (added ingredients to benefit health, no acrylamide)

Premium Ground Coffee Fact_Sheet (added ingredients to benefit health, no acrylamide)

Sisel Product Fact Sheets

Sisel Anti Aging Skin Care Product Fact Sheets

Sisel Product Fact Sheets

Firming Facial Cleanser Fact Sheet

Exfolium Fact Sheet

Exfolium Sachets (same fact sheet as above)

Actify6000 Face and Neck Cream Fact Sheet

Transfusium Fact Sheet

Rapid Night Repair Fact Sheet 

Sisel Vanquish Eye Cream Fact Sheet (eyebag, crows feet, fine lines and wrinkles)

Sisel Personal Care/ Bathroom and Household Product Fact Sheets

Sisel Product Fact Sheets

Vibrant Liquid Washing Detergent

Asepti-Clean Dish Washing Liquid

Organicleanse Fruit and Vegetable Wash

Sapphire Shampoo

Sapphire Conditioner

SupraShine Toothpaste

Terminator Mouthwash

Eliven Bath and Shower Gel

Bar Vitae (fact sheet currently not available)

Sisel Product Fact Sheets