Sisel Products

Sisel Product Overview

The video below includes information on all of the Sisel Products in Australia and Internationally.  In this presentation we go through each Sisel product covering information about it benefits and use.  It is the full Sisel Product Range as of February 2018.  It was recorded Feb 2018. Melbourne, Australia, during Dr Curt Ficenec’s Australian Tour.

So who can use this video?

  • Anyone thinking about using Sisel Products
  • Distributors and Preferred Customers wanting to learn about Sisel’s Products
  • Sisel Distributors can use it as a training tool
  • Anyone wanting to promote Sisel’s Products

An added bonus

The video also includes some product testimonials.

If you find any products are currently not on the order list please be patient as Sisel is bringing in new packaging and soon the full line will be available to order.

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