Are Sisel products Organic?

Some of the Sisel ingredients are certified organic many are not. All of Sisel’s ingredients are organic where possible.

When you certify them organic it greatly increases the price of the products and this would make many products financially out of reach for many people or companies to buy.

Certification means getting the stamp of approval from the certifying body however you can home grow a tomato and it is organic and not certified.

Most people don’t realize certified organic ingredients are highly contaminated especially with parasites and toxins that parasites and other insects leave in the material. So to be asking if something is certified organic is not as important as asking:

  • Are the ingredients contaminated?
  • Have they been tested for impurities and all types of contaminants?
  • Are the ingredients used to create a product of consistently high quality and potency?
  • What about the plastic containers that are being used to store product formulas? Are they leaching chemicals into your product?

Are Sisel Products Better Than Certified Organic?

Sisel ensures their products are:

  1. Are free of contaminants and impurities
  2. Have consistent quality and concentration

Why is this important?

Sisel Australia consumers receive outstanding quality products that contain high-quality, effective ingredients free of contaminants.

Sisel can achieve this because they manufacture their own products in Sisel’s manufacturing facility. The manufacturing plant SupraNaturals is owned by the Mowers. You can view Sisel’s Product range to find contaminant-free health products.

Do Sisel Denature Ingredients?

This is an equally important question to ask.

“Denatured” means they were processed with high heat and pressure to break down the chemistry of the biological ingredients. This turns them into meaningless nutrients that are no longer as effective.

Sisel uses undenatured and purified ingredients to make their products. They process the ingredients to purifying and clean them, achieving much more than plain organic ingredients. All the biologically natural ingredients are preserved and highly concentrated.

This is far superior.  Organic ingredients contained in other products may, in all likelihood, be denatured.

Is Sisel Plastic Packaging Safe?

Plastic bottles and containers are widely used for health products… this is quite concerning. All Sisel Australia and International products are packaged in SISEL SAFE packaging and plastic, which is 100% safe and non-toxic.
Plastic bottles and containers used for other brands of hair shampoo, skin care, and personal care products (included bottled drinking water) contain potentially harmful chemicals.

Your skin care, hair care, and other health products you use every day contain ingredients that are solvents — they actively break down the plastics. This includes shampoos, lotions, and water itself.

These solvents cause the potentially harmful chemicals to leach out of the plastic bottles and into the products you are using! This is but another reason to use SISEL SAFE products.

The toxins are not listed on the label because they are created as a by-product when the actual product comes into contact with the packaging.

So, when you put the products onto your skin or hair, these toxins immediately soak into your body in as little as 60-90 seconds.

Look for these ingredients on the label of your personal care products: PEG, laureth, Polysorbate, DEA, TEA, and more. See attachments for more information on what these actually are. Almost all formulas for personal care items contain them.


Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor