Sisel Natrience Skin Care Training Call Recording Week 1

Thanks so much to all who joined Sisel Natrience Skin Care Training Call. This was Week 1 for the Natrience Skin Care Training Call. There was an amazing turnout on Sisel’s Zoom conference call where we learned from Leisel, Hollee, and Karen about Natrience messaging and positioning, skin health, and product details for each of the ten new products in Sisel’s new skin care line.

Sisel‘s prize giveaway was a Sisel Natrience branded, super soft, silicone, face scrubber. This cleansing accessory is great to use with Pure Balance Jelly Cleanser to provide extra deep cleansing, a light facial massage, and a bit of extra exfoliation on the days that you’re not exfoliating with Sisel Exfolium Polishing Peel.

Be sure to join Sisel’s next week’s call when they will have an in-depth discussion on product regimens, including how to begin your Natrience routine and incorporate products personalized to your skin’s specific needs. We’ll have another fun giveaway – this time to the person who has the most guests joining the call.

Also, make sure to check out your Sisel Office where you’ll find a full selection of Natrience sales tools, including the Natrience Product Catalog, User’s Guide, Regimen Guides, How To Videos, and product imagery.

You can access the Sisel Natrience Training Call through the following methods:

  1. YouTube:
  2. Sisel Web audio access at:
  3. Sisel’s number +1 801-704-6800 phone Conference Call line, press option 3.

We hope to see you on our Week 2 Natrience Skin Care Training Call, Wednesday, July 3 at 4pm Mountain Time. 8am Thursday Melbourne Australia time.


Last Updated on June 28, 2024 by Katie Sisel Distributor