Sisel Products and Price List

This includes all the Sisel Products currently available for Australia as of February 2016. Prices are in Australian dollars (AUD). PV means Points Value and BV means Bonus Volume. Earning Commissions are are calculated by PV and BV prices.

There is one price for Distributors and Preferred Customers. Its is free to join for Preferred Customers and Distributors.

About Sisel Products

A key part of Sisel International’s mission is to create health, and happiness for Sisel’s distributors and consumers throughout the world, by providing life-giving products that are free from harmful ingredients and potentially dangerous toxins. Sisel products are perfect for the health conscious consumer who seeks to minimise exposure to toxins.

Sisel’s products are free from potentially harmful ingredients commonly found in any other brands of personal, skin, and hair care formulations. This is our Sisel Safe promise. Sisel products are intensely formulated to greatly exceed expectations for life extension, youthful regeneration, anti-aging, abundant energy, and vibrant health.

Utilizing evidence-based, high-performance ingredients, Sisel produces products that are known for being more powerful in its formulations than that of competitors. These highly advanced products are developed in Sisel’s state-of-the-art research and development laboratories and produced in Sisel’s world-class manufacturing facility SupraNaturals.

Combining fabulous products with Sisel’s generous compensation plan means the greatest opportunity for enterprising people everywhere. For those wanting to enjoy the health benefit’s of Sisel products Sisel offers a Preferred Customer joining option which is free for anyone wanting to access Sisel products. (Sisel products are the same prices for Preferred Customer’s and enterprising Distributors).

About Sisel

Sisel International, is headed by Tom Mower and was founded in 2006 by Tom Mower, and his son Tom Jr., with the mission to create the most powerful personal care products and dietary supplements in the world. The term SISEL (pronounced “sizzle”) is an acronym for; Science, Innovation, Success, Energy, and Longevity. These are the key foundational principles for Sisel International.

Sisel Kaffe (Sisel Coffee)

Product Name  Price (AUD)PVBV
Sisel Kaffé  Black Ground Kaffe CUP31.922520
Sisel Kaffé  Gourmet Dark Roast Espresso46.403631
Sisel® Té  Fire N Ice Brochure ENG4.9300
Sisel Kaffé  Premium Black Ground32.832620
Sisel Kaffé  Black Instant23.992415
Sisel Kaffé  Mocha Instant27.782818
Sisel Kaffé  Latte Instant23.992415
Sisel Kaffé  Ground Weight Loss69.006950
Sisel Kaffé  ThermoLEAN 50061.386256
Sisel Té  Fire N Ice Tea62.495050
Sisel Té  Sencha Green Tea44.803535
Sisel® Kaffé – Premium Kaffé Postcards Eng3.0000
Sisel® Kaffé – Microground Kaffé Postcards Eng3.0000
Sisel® Kaffé – Thermogenic Kaffé Postcards Eng3.0000
Sisel® Kaffé – Premium Kaffé Brochures Eng3.0000
Sisel® Kaffé – Microground Kaffé Brochures Eng3.0000
Sisel® Kaffé – Thermogenic Kaffé Brochures Eng3.0000
Sisel Kaffé – ‘My Business’ Brochures Span3.0000
Sisel® Kaffé – ‘My Business’ Share Cards Eng3.0000
Sisel® Kaffé  Brochure/Postcard Pack Eng22.5000
Sisel Kaffé  Brochure3.0000
Sisel Kaffé  Magazine ENG3.0000
Sisel® Kaffé  Sharing Cards3.0000

Sisel Age Reversal Products

Product Name  Price (AUD)PVBV
Essential Eternity 750ML68.766955
Eternity 750ml68.766955
FuCoyDon Intensified 750ml60.006048
Sisel Splash37.513815
SpectraMaxx 750ml75.017660

Sisel Skin Care

Product Name  Price (AUD)PVBV
Exfolium 2 pack181.369351
Hand and Body Lotion13.13138.5
VanquishSkin Smoothing Eye Cream83.164949
Actify 6000 Face & Neck Cream37.383829.9
Firming Facial Cleanser18.751915
SkinDu Moisturizing Mist21.451717
Sisel Rapid Repair Night Cream82.516345
Absolve Liquid Hand Cleanser16.251613
Intensive Wrinkle Lotion75.007560
SUPRA SHAVE Shaving Gel16.131610
Brightening Cream120.009393
Cosmetic spatula for brightening cream2.5000
Intensified Progesterone Cream40.014032
Ultra Intensive Wrinkle Pen62.516350

Sisel Bath and Body Products

Product Name  Price (AUD)PVBV
Bar Soap11.88126
Bath & Shower Gel 500ml18.751914.25
Bubble Bath13.881411.1
Everfresh Deodorant8.7595.6
Exquisite Revitalizing Shampoo21.252117
Firm Hold Hair Gel16.251613
Replenish Moisturizing Conditioner25.002520
Sapphire Conditioner26.312721
Sapphire Shampoo23.812419
Shampoo and Conditioner Pump1.2500
Sisel Intensified Hair Growth System 220V163.1810030
Travel Kit50.125132

Sisel Dental Care

Product Name  Price (AUD)PVBV
Spray Pump0.9400
SUPRASHINE® Toothpaste13.04106.5
Terminator Mouth Rinse16.501310
Terminator Mouth Rinse  2 oz2.5031.2

Sisel Dietary Supplements

Product Name  Price (AUD)PVBV
Body Shield50.015140
Brain Vitality62.656330
Calcium K233.263426.6
Encompass 36051.764141
Heartify CoQ1048.764939
InnerChi For Her63.065040
InnerChi for Him63.065040
SupraOmega Plus58.415955
Vital Vision36.263729

Sisel Home Care Products

Product Name  Price (AUD)PVBV
AseptiClean Dish Soap28.802216
Vibrant Laundry Detergent14.38157

Sisel Joint Care

Product Name  Price (AUD)PVBV

Sisel Cosmetics and Makeup

Product Name  Price (AUD)PVBV
Liquid Mineral Foundation Chestnut63.904951
Liquid Mineral Foundation Espresso63.904951
Liquid Mineral Foundation Golden Beige63.904951
Liquid Mineral Foundation Hazelnut63.904951
Liquid Mineral Foundation Honey Beige63.904951
Liquid Mineral Foundation Porcelain63.904951
Liquid Mineral Foundation Sand63.904951
Loose Mineral Blush MangoLicious25.002515.2
Loose Mineral Blush PeachEKeen25.002515.2
Loose Mineral Blush PinkABoo25.002515.2
Loose Mineral Powder Foundation Beige32.503321.75
Loose Mineral Powder Foundation Fair32.503321.75
Loose Mineral Powder Foundation Golden Beige32.503321.75
Loose Mineral Powder Foundation Nude32.503321.75
Maxximize Lash, Brow and Nail Serum73.535757
Mineral Blush  Appricot Glow28.752923
Mineral Blush  Blushing Pink28.752923
Mineral Blush  Simply Mauve28.752923
Mineral Blush  Very Berry28.752923
Mineral Bronzer  Light22.502315
Mineral Eye Pencil  Black20.002016
Mineral Eye Pencil  Brown20.002016
Mineral eye shadow  Eclipse & Star Dust30.003024
Mineral eye shadow  Aqua Blue & Silver Fox30.003024
Mineral eye shadow  Blue Haze & Midnight Sky30.003024
Mineral eye shadow  Dusk & Barely Pink30.003024
Mineral eye shadow  Gold Dust & Brown Topaz30.003024
Mineral eye shadow  Pearl White & Pearl Blue30.003024
Mineral Eye Shadow  Plum Pretty & Lilac30.003024
Mineral eye shadow  Sage & Sea Mist30.003024
Mineral Eye Shadow Ambiance25.002519
Mineral Eye Shadow Aphrodite25.002519
Mineral Eye Shadow Beige25.002519
Mineral Eye Shadow Coral Reef25.002519
Mineral Eye Shadow Daydream25.002519
Mineral Eye Shadow Ebony25.002519
Mineral Eye Shadow Goldrush25.002519
Mineral Eye Shadow Harlequin25.002519
Mineral Eye Shadow Indulgence25.002519
Mineral Eye Shadow Iridescence25.002519
Mineral Eye Shadow Nature25.002519
Mineral Eye Shadow Tango25.002519
Mineral Eye Shadow Zircon25.002519
Mineral eye shadowBronzer Shimmer & Daybreak30.003024
Mineral Foundation Pressed  Dark38.763927.5
Mineral Foundation Pressed  Medium Dark38.763927.5
Mineral Foundation Pressed Face Powder Light38.763927.5
Mineral Foundation Pressed Face Powder MEDIUM38.763927.5
Mineral Foundation Pressed FacePowder MBeige38.763927.5
Mineral Foundation Pressed FacePowder MLight38.763927.5
Mineral Iluminating PowderGolden Glow22.502314.85
Mineral Lip Pencil  Natural20.002016
Mineral Lip Pencil  Red20.002016
Mineral Liquid Foundation  Walnut47.504838
Mineral Loose Powder  Dark27.502817.5
Mineral Loose Powder  Medium27.502817.5
Mineral Loose Powder  Medium Dark27.502817.5
Mineral Loose Powder  Medium Light27.502817.5
Mineral Pressed Foundation  Alabaster38.763931
Mineral Pressed Foundation  Naturale38.763931
Mineral Pressed Foundation  Soft Amber38.763931
Mineral Pressed Foundation  Tawny Beige38.763931
Mineral Pressed Foundation  Walnut38.763931
Pressed Il uminator  Bronze Glow22.502314.85
Sisel’n Lips & Hips Lip Gloss Green Apple Clear25.602020
Sisel’n Lips & Hips Lip Gloss Green Apple Honey25.602020
Sisel’n Lips & Hips Lip Gloss Green Apple Magenta25.602020
Sisel’n Lips & Hips Lip Gloss Green Apple Pink25.602020
Sisel’n Lips & Hips Lip Gloss Green Apple Red25.602020
SiseLash Enhanced 3D Fiber Extension System20.583131
Slim Mineral Lip Stick Coral Fairytale33.502624
Slim Mineral Lip Stick Desire33.502624
Slim Mineral Lip Stick Enchanting33.502624
Slim Mineral Lip Stick Natural y Divine33.502624
Slim Mineral Lip Stick Sugar Plum33.502624
Slim Mineral Lip Stick Wine Berry33.502624
SPF 15  Tawny Loose Foundation32.503321.75
SPF 15Medium Loose Foundation32.503321.75
Timeless Minerals Lash Builder Mascara26.402020
Brush Set81.268265
Kabuki Brush25.002520
Mineral Bronzer37.513830
Mineral Shimmer Powder  Sparkle dust37.513427

Sisel Brochures and Sales Tools

Product Name  Price (AUD)PVBV
Eternity 12 Page Brochure  English6.6500
Eternity Contact Card  English3.7500
Exfolium 10pk Tri Fold Brochure4.5000
Sisel Safe® Brochure5.0000
SiseLash 3D Fiber Extension System Postcard9.0000
Splash Postcard  English3.7500
Timeless Skin Renewal Trifold Brochure3.0000
Transfusium Try It and Love It Postcard9.0000
Triangle of Life Brochure, Pocket  English2.5000
TSX Brochure, Pocket Size  English2.5000
UltraMaxx Energy Drink—English6.8700

Sisel Weight Loss Products

Product Name  Price (AUD)PVBV
Sisel Pops 10 Pack (240CT)325.05328200
Sisel Pops 4 Pack (96CT)135.0213684
Sisel Pops Single(24CT)35.013522
SiseLEAN Weight Management Shake Vanilla76.806340
UltraMaxx Energy Drink43.764420

Sisel Product Packs

Product Name  Price (AUD)PVBV
Silver Pack118.0011895
Platinum Pack225.00225180
Burn Pack62.456340
Build Pack124.8912680
Sculpt Pack268.73270156
The Ultimate Pack362.49366224
Accelerator Sculpting Life Extension Pack430.50430305
TSX (2 Pack)312.55316180
TSX (3 Pack)373.81378210
TSX (4 Pack)498.83504280