How do I qualify for the best price?

All products purchased from the Not for Retail Sales Price list are the same price for everyone. These are shipped from the USA.

Retails products sold in Australia attract a 20% Saving when you

Purchase a minimum of 200 PV within the month OR Place an Automatic Purchase (AP) of 50 PV  (for either NFR Products or Retails Products (Platinum Partner Loyalty Pricing)

If purchasing Retail products from the Retail Price List (Makeup, Skin Care, Dental)
The easiest way to determine if you are receiving loyalty pricing, or to determine what more is needed is to use the Loyalty Calculator displayed on the left hand side of the order form. The calculator will display the amount of PV needed to achieve the best price as well as the potential savings (See screenshot). Once the order meets the required PV the prices will automatically change.
Loyalty PV Calculator
Every new Distributor and Customer will be given a one-month grace period upon enrollment.

*Due to customs and import restrictions all NFR items will be given Distributor Loyalty pricing—prices on NFR orders will be the same for Customers and Distributors alike.*

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