How do I qualify for the best price?

To qualify for best price join as Distributor. You will save 10% compared to a preferred customer.

To qualify for commissions set an auto-ship of ideally 100 points value (PV) or more. PV is the same as the actual dollar amount.

As a Distributor you are eligible for :

  • Shipping Rewards (Full Shipping Rebate for 12 months of consecutive orders ) * Conditions apply
  • Loyalty Rewards for orders over 100 PV placed monthly for four months in a row
  • 5% Discount on Autoship for 300 PV or more (automatically applied when autoship orders are placed for 300PV or more)

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About Loyalty Rewards and FREE Shipping for Distributors

Who is eligible for Loyalty Rewards?
A: Every Distributor that qualifies can receive Loyalty Rewards coupon.

Q: How long do I have to use my coupon?
A: Upon receipt of your voucher, you will have 30 days to use it.

Q: How many coupons can I use at once?
A: You can only use one coupon during any given month.

Q: Where can I find my coupons?
A: When you log into the back office, click Financial Tools, the Commissions, and select Loyalty Rewards.

Q: When do I earn coupons?
A: If you generate at least 100PV per month, for 4 consecutive months, you will receive your voucher on the start of the 5th month.

Q: Can I split coupons between multiple orders?
A: Coupons can’t be split and must be used on a single order. Any remaining coupon balance will be voided after purchase, so a coupon must be used in full. Remaining funds won’t roll over to another purchase if the complete coupon isn’t used.

Q: Do coupons cover tax/shipping?
A: Coupons do not cover tax or shipping.

Q: What counts towards my qualifying PV each month?
A: Any PV that you personally generate counts towards your total qualifying PV.

Q: How do I redeem a coupon?
A: During the checkout process, after you’ve entered your CC information you’ll receive the option to apply your coupon to the order.

Q: Can I return an item bought with a coupon?
A: Any item bought with a coupon, in part or full, is ineligible for refunds or exchanges. All sales made with coupons are final.

Q: When does the Shipping Rewards qualification period begin for Australia?
A: AUS Distributors can begin working towards Shipping Rewards as of September 1st.

Q: How do I earn my Shipping Refund coupon?
A: Distributors that generate 250PV per month over a 12 month period will receive a shipping reimbursement coupon

How Loyalty Rewards work for distributors

Let’s break down how the loyalty rewards work.

As you personally purchase products and generate PV, you’ll get rewarded based on what tier you qualify for; 5%, 6%, or 8% rewards. To qualify for these tier rewards, you’ll need to generate at least 100PV per month, for 4 consecutive months.

Upon completing your 4th month, you’ll receive a Rewards Coupon that can be used on any* purchase during the next 30 days. Here’s a quick look at how to unlock rewards for each tier:

  • 4 consecutive months at 100-199PV: 5% Rewards Coupon
  • 4 consecutive months at 200 — 299PV: 6% Rewards Coupon
  • 4 consecutive months at 300PV or more: 8% Rewards Coupon
    • It’s important to note that you will need to qualify for the same tier all four months to receive that tier’s reward.

Let’s use a quick example to help explain how you qualify for rewards and how much you’ll receive.

John wants to qualify for the top tier Rewards Coupon. In 4 months, John purchases products worth 320PV month one, 300PV month two, 325PV month three, and 290PV month four, respectively.

Now, even though John qualified for 8% rewards for months 1-3, he didn’t break 300PV during his 4th month. This drops him to the next qualifying tier, which is 200 — 299PV, or 6% rewards.

However, even though he didn’t hit top tier, John still gets rewarded for purchasing and consuming Sisel’s incredible products!

During those 4 months, John generated a total of 1235PV.  Since he qualified for the 6% Rewards tier, he’ll be receiving a nice $74.10 coupon he can use during the next 30 days.

And that’s it! As long as you’re generating 100PV+ per month, you will always receive a Rewards Coupon. If you generate more, you’ll get better rewards. Just remember: you need to achieve the same tier for 4 consecutive months in order to earn that reward. Otherwise, you’ll be dropped to the next qualifying rewards tier.

These coupons can be found in the Back Office and expire in 90 days. You can only use one per 30 days, so don’t sit on them! Get that product you’ve been wanting or knock down the cost of your next order. Whatever you decide to do, they’re your rewards so why don’t you treat yourself? You deserve it!

Please check back again we will share more about the Loyalty Rewards Program, including how to access them and use them.


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Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor