About Sisel Australia

Opening in 2012 Sisel Australia started with a handful of distributors and customers. It was’t really until 2017 that Sisel kicked off for Australia.

You may have heard of Tom Mower’s previous company Neways. Tom Mower  two times genius award winner, started the Mower Mission back in the 90s. The mission is to inform, educate and empower people to make safe choices. The mission underpins Sisel Australia’s product line.

Sisel International opened in New Zealand in 2018, products are now shipped direct from the USA for both Sisel Australia and now Sisel New Zealand.

Sisel International fly Sisel products directly from the Sisel Manufacturing Facility SupraNaturals to Australia and New Zealand.

Sisel Australia opening Sisel Products

Sisel New Zealand

With the opening of the Sisel New Zealand Sisel Australia has its eyes set on growth for New Zealand for 2021/22.

Operations are improving with Sisel Australia. We have seen rapid growth in Australia with the introduction of the Sisel Age Pill. A further boost has been seen with the release of Sisel’s Hydrogen Water Stix in the new year.

Sisel Australia Retail products

Sisel Australia products are NFR, not for retail sale. They are approved for distribution in Australia but not for retail sale through shop fronts. This means you can promote and sell the products, however, the person must join Sisel as preferred customer or distributor to obtain the products.

Ordering Sisel Australia Products

Sisel Australia does not stock products in the country. The company promotes products via a network of distributors located across Australia. To order Sisel Australia products you need to be referred by a Sisel International distributor. The Sisel distributor’s role as a sponsor is to provide support and information to maximise your product experience. Therefore, use a distributor enrolling link so that you have an official sponsor and point of contact. This is better than registering with Sisel directly with Sisel.

How do I order Sisel Australia products?

The products can only be purchased online, after creating an account with the Sisel.net website, you can proceed and order your products online.

I have created instructions steps and how to join and order Sisel products

Stocking products to sell is something distributors don’t do. So join online either as a preferred customer or distributor to get your products. For personal product users, registering with Sisel as a preferred customer is the way to go. Alternatively, for those wanting to share the Sisel products, or take advantage of the Sisel business opportunity to earn extra income then registering with Sisel as a Sisel International distributor is a better option. As a distributor you also have access to better pricing options.

Sisel Australia Customer Service

The Sisel Australia customer service is serviced by the USA Customer Service Team Direct. The customer service is open AEST Tuesday to Saturday 12 midnight to 12 noon. Sisel Australia customer service is not open Monday or Sunday. They can be contacted on 1800 764 872. The Sisel customer service email address is [email protected]

Sisel Australia Customers get very excited when opening there parcels
Brisbane the home to Sisel Australia Distributors.

Our customer service agents are very helpful and friendly. The Sisel Australia customer service 1800 764 862 number is now handled by the USA, it is great for anyone needing help to:

  • Check an order
  • Find out if products are in stock
  • Place a phone order
  • Join
  • Login
  • Understand the Sisel backoffice

If your Sisel questions are related to products or business, it is best to direct your questions to your sponsor. Sisel Australia customer service cannot answer product usage questions. This highlights the importance of having a knowledgeable sponsor who can provide you with product support and business help if required.

If you are struggling to join online and order I recommend calling customer service to help you join. Mention to customer service the name and ID of the person who referred you. They will then put that person as your sponsor. However if you don’t have a sponsor and need one, please mention my distributor ID.  I would be happy to support you. My ID number is 10240972 or mention btoxicfree

Sisel Australia Distributors

We currently have a team of Sisel distributors in the following locations

  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Perth
  • Adelaide
  • Sydney
  • Canberra

Connect with a Sisel Australia team member if you are interested in finding out more. Alternatively you can reach out to me and I will connect you.   Our teams conduct regular events in each location.

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