Become a Sisel Distributor

Taking on the challenge of becoming a Sisel distributor can be the most rewarding business prospect you ever take as well as being a great investment. This page gives you all of the information you need to make an informed decision and see if becoming a Sisel distributor is your next business venture.

Join with me today and register as Sisel Distributor, you can enjoy the benefits of being part of the fastest growing online team.

Sisel Distributor Discount

Its true that as a Sisel Distributor you will receive Sisel products at the best price. So if you decide to join as Sisel Distributor instead of a Preferred Customer, not only do you get the products 10% off Preferred Customer Price, you also have the option to start your own Sisel Business.

Whilst you might shake your head and think no I just want the products at the best price, once you start using the AGE Pill you are very likely to quickly change your mind. This decision is made easier, when you discover the great sales tools (offered to our team members) that makes sharing Sisel’s AGE Pill easy and straight forward.

As a Sisel Distributor you have the option of running your own business to generate an income. If you join as a Preferred Customer there is no option to financially benefit from sharing the products with others.

So Are You Interested in Running a Sisel Business?

First and foremost, let me introduce Sisel and tell you about what it does. Sisel is a dynamic company that manufactures and sells a product called the AGE pill.

The AGE pill has been developed using sound scientific methods and is at the forefront of the anti-aging industry. We have seen coverage across many media outlets as well as the science of an anti aging pill being featured in Time Magazine and reviewed by Harvard. The AGE pill not only works but it is heralded by product users as the next big thing in the anti-aging industry.

The AGE Pill is the perfect product to grow your Sisel business. Not only does it give you the potential to look and feel your best, a wonderful boost in your energy levels is very likely. With your new found energy levels you will find great enjoyment in sharing the product with others.

If you are serious about building a Sisel business, lets connect! You can reach me via the contact form below, email, or via social media channels.

Finally, Sisel operate a generous compensation plan to enable further promotion and distribution of the AGE pill. This is where your partnership, drive and involvement and passion will benefit yourself and others.

Become a Sisel Business Builder: Sisel Brand Partner

In order to become a Sisel business builder you will need to join through an existing Sisel International Distributor, also referred to as a sponsor. Membership for Customers is free of charge for Sisel.

Being a Sisel Distributor can be a very successful and rewarding business. Teaming up with sponsor that you like and trust is an important and something to keep in mind.

There is a registering with Sisel fee of $24.99 USD for Distributors and an annual renewal fee of $17 USD. Renewal for Preferred Customer membership is free of charge. By becoming a member as a customer, you will be referred to as a “Preferred Customer.”

By becoming a distributor, you will have the opportunity to buy the AGE pill and help people that are preferred customers with their anti-aging goals. You will be required to purchase the AGE pill in a volume that suits your budget and will get a commission from the sales you make.

However, if you are serious about getting your products for free or earning an income it is best to purchase one of the Sisel Wealth Packs. The Sisel Wealth Packs require an investment of $347 USD Full list of packs can be found here.

A minimum order every 30 days of 50 PV is required to start earning commissions

Orders typically take 7-10 business days to arrive from the USA manufacturing plant. Sisel products are manufactured in Sisel’s Plant in Utah, USA (SupraNaturals). New Zealand is now open so you can register as a New Zealand Distributor or preferred customer. The anti-aging market is very popular in New Zealand. If you are currently living in New Zealand, please contact me for further information or join here.

Sisel Compensations & Commissions

There is a simple and easy to digest video that outlines clearly the compensation and commission structure.

With plenty of sales resources, tools and support you can reach 1 star in no time.

You can view the Sisel Compensation Plan by clicking here.

For those of you who like to read I will give you a brief overview.

The plan works by making your way or progressing your way through each star rank. The speed at which you can achieve this is entirely up to you, your sales capabilities (results), and how much time you want to invest.

The plan works by first progressing to products for free. To reach the first level you need to enroll 12 others who order each month. This will be a combination of distributors and preferred customers.  If each of them order the AGE pill two pack you will earn enough to get your AGE Pill two pack for free plus shipping.

The next major milestone is 1 star Master. To reach this level you need to reach 5,000 in Group Qualified Downline Volume (QDV). After 3 months of reaching 5000 QDV you would also qualify for the Lifestyle Bonus of $200 per month.

With 72 Sales per month each othering 100CV you would earn $500 per month. After 3 month you would get the additional lifestyle bonus of $200. Essentially you would get product for free (AGE Pil two pack) plus $500 per month.

The goal is then to assist others to do the same. To reach the same level or higher. The system is based on helping others reach one star.

Whilst rank is important, volume of sales is more important. The combination of preferred customer and distributors will impact your commission each month.

Sisel Distributor Star Ranks

At each rank level your monthly lifestyle bonus goes up.  See the table below for the breakdown of the monthly lifestyle bonus.

In addition to your own 7%, by sponsoring a preferred customer you will receive 25% of any orders they make (CB – Commissionable Bonus). The more preferred customers you register and that make purchases the higher your earnings.

Become a Distributor Today

To become a distributor of the Sisel AGE pill, get in contact with me (Katie) on the enquiry form below. If you need help getting started, I can sort out your registration and provide you with coaching and resources to grow your own Sisel AGE pill business.

Contact me now for further details!

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