Are you interested in Running a Sisel Business?

Sisel International’s Compensation Plan is the highest paying compensation plan on the market. The way Sisel’s compensation has been structured also makes it the fairest.

A person below you can earn more from Sisel than there sponsor. This is a unique aspect of Sisel’s compensation plan. A sponsor can never get more than 50% of their income from one individual leg. This means that a person you sponsor or a person below you can earn more money than you can if they work hard to join other distributors.

Sisel’s compensation is plan is generous by giving the Distributor 25% BV of any preferred customers order (which they have sponsored). The BV value is close to the actual cost of the product.

Its free to join as Preferred Customer or a Distributor.

Renewal of a membership is $15 AUS for Australian Distributors, Free for Preferred Customers.

Orders arrive 7-10 business days after being placed. Orders are shipped from the New Zealand warehouse and manufactured in the Sisel Plant, SupraNaturals located in the USA.

You can hear more about the compensation plan here:

Click here to watch a video explaining Sisel’s Compensation Plan

Understanding the Compensation Plan.

How to get products for FREE Fast the Fast Way

STEP 1: YOU Order PV $200

STEP 2: Sponsor 4 Preferred Customers (PC)

SPONSOR Preferred Customer ordering PV $200

SPONSOR Preferred Customer ordering PV $200

SPONSOR Preferred Customer ordering PV $200

SPONSOR Preferred Customer ordering PV $200

When you personally sponsor 4 PC who each spend 200 PV a month you qualify to receive a commission of $200 Per Month (you need to order a minimum of 50PV each month)

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Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor