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Sisel products are revolutionary. The science behind their products is solid and their formulas are effective. If you’re worried about Sisel scams, listen to and read these testimonies — many people all over the world, including myself Katie Larking, believe in the amazing benefits of Sisel products.

Discover the impact Sisel products have made on people’s lives. Sisel International’s integrity and the Mower Mission.  The science behind Sisel products that result in continuous Sisel product testimonials.

Katie: August 28, 2018

I have been using the AGE Pill now for 1 year. So have my black Labrador Milo 15 years old. I have noticed improved skin, massive reduction in wrinkles, darker hair, thicker hair, improved mood and memory. Plus fewer aches and pains.

katie age pill testimonial

Photo: Katie 44 yrs old. August 2018. Katie has been taking AGE for 1 year.

Milo has increase energy, stamina, less grey hair. Overall excellent health for 15 years of age.

milo age pill dog august 2018

Photo: AGE Pill Dog Milo. Labrador 15 yrs old. August 2018.

I will never stop taking AGE or giving it to my dog Milo.

Jill:  August 17, 2018, Shared by Tom Mower President of Sisel Public Post

Great share! (Not mine). My Husband’s Specialist at the VA Hospital – Keeps taking tests!! Results are we know you have Cancer – We know where it should be – But we can’t find it there on your tests!! So we will make another appt. in the future for you!! He takes the FuCoyDon & A.G.E. PILL… “God Bless Tom Mower, for helping so many all over the world!!”

Jacob Kim Copas (August 18, 2018, Shared by Tom Mower President of Sisel Public Post)

Hi. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. My daughter at age who is 3 years old. Had a medical problem that the doctors couldn’t find. She would 1 day a week get weak, lethargic and lose her balance, get bloating and tummy pain and be vomiting uncontrollably. Until she would sleep and wake up fine in the morning. She had gotten so bad I didn’t know what more I could do.

I was told by my mum to try her on the age pill. So every morning I break 1 age pill into her breakfast with a cupful of Eternity and a cupful of fucoydon and mix it all up. She has no pain in her belly. She has heaps of energy. And it means she can enjoy a normal childhood.

Thank you, Tom Mower, for these incredible products. They truly are life-changing.

Denis Allworden (August 24, 2018.  Shared by Tom Mower President of Sisel Public Post)

I was getting pain in both feet in the late afternoons and evening, I have been on the age pill since it was released in Australia. Most days taking 6 & 6. Before I went to Mower Mountain I went off the age pill to see if it made a difference and it did the pain subsided. I will continue to take the age pill because of the benefits, so whilst I traveled I took 2 & 2. I heard something Dr. Curt said about one of his patients whilst at Toms place and decided to give it a go to see what happened. I started taking 6 mornings, 6 before lunch and 6 before bed. I have been doing this for 3 weeks now and NO pain anywhere especially the feet. I will eventually back it down again to judge what happens, maybe in a few months.

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