Sisel AGE Pill Frequently asked questions
Sisel AGE Pill Frequently Asked Questions

AGE Pill Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of AGE Pill frequently asked questions. These are the most common questions we get often get about the Sisel AGE Pill

What is the Age pill?

The AGE Pill is an age reversal supplement. It contains specialized nutrients that support healthy stem cell production, and cellular waste removal, (lipofuscin and glycation).

Who makes the AGE PIll?

It is manufactured by Sisel International, invented by Tom Mower Sr, Chief Sisel Scientist and Cofounder of Sisel.

Where can I buy the AGE Pill?

The AGE Pill is only available to purchase online through an official Sisel International Distributor – Shipping is Worldwide. Purchase the AGE Pill here

What are the ingredients in the AGE Pill?

Please refer to our AGE Pill Ingredients page.

Is the AGE Pill Safe?

Yes. It contains all-natural plant based ingredietnts and is produced by Sisel’s certified Good Manufacturing (cGMP) Facility in the United States.

How much does the AGE Pill cost?

For Australian, New Zealand Residents the AGE Pill two pack costs $139 USD for preferred customers. Distributors can purchase it for 10% less. Pricing varies for other countries. See our country price list.

Are there side effects of the pill?

The main side effect is a niacin flush. This is temporary reddening and itchy flushing of the skin. It varies from person to person, not everyone experiences it. Reduce the dosage or space it apart to avoid this from happening. Read more.

What is the dosage of the AGE Pill?

The recommended dose of the AGE Pill is 6 tablets a day. For 50 +yrs it is recommended to take 8 a day. As per bottle.

How do I take the AGE Pill?

Take 3 capsules in the morning on an empty stomach, and 3 capsules at night 15 minutes before dinner. If 50 + yrs  take 4 capsules in the morning on an empty stomach, 4 capsules at night 15 minutes before dinner. To avoid niacin flushing split the dosage, 2, 2, 2.

How long does it take the AGE Pill to work?

Results depend on dosage and vary from individual to individual. Some experience results immediately. For others it takes days, weeks or months.

How long do I need to take the AGE Pill for?

Take it for as long as you want to get the benefits. Many who stop notice a reversal of the benefits they gained whilst taking it.

What is the research behind the AGE Pill?

Tom Mower Sr, based the formulator on research from a well known prestigious university and research findings in chinese medicine based on longevity.

Does the AGE Pill work?

The large majority of people taking the AGE Pill notice benefits. For many it is life changing. Others report no effect. The AGE Pill will not work well if you are taking less than the recommended dose, or absorption is being impeded or you have B6 (folic acid) deficiency.

Why do I need the AGE Pill?

The AGE Pill contains ingredients that have been shown in animal studies to reverse the effects of Aging in mice. We can not make claims about humans. However the ingredients cannot be consumed through the foods we eat in the quantity contained in the AGE Pill. 

Is the AGE Pill Vegan Friendly?

Yes, it is Vegan Friendly. 

Is the AGE Pill Soy Free?

Yes, it is Soy Free. 

Is the AGE Pill Gluten Free?

Yes, it is Gluten Free.

Is the AGE Pill Dairy Free?

Yes, it is Dairy Free.

How do I know if the AGE Pill is working ?

Many people notice they feel happier, sleep better and have more energy. People also have shared visible improvements with skin, hair, eyesight and hearing.

See our AGE Pill testimonials and AGE Pill Reviews page.

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