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Sisel Silver | Sisel’s Micronized Colloidal Silver | NEW

Sisel Silver – Sisel’s NEW micronized colloidal silver combines the properties of nature with the power of science for health and wellness silver has long been known for its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties it’s been used historically to keep drinking water and other liquids fresh and free from contamination and it’s been traditionally used for skin treatment and wound care and cleaning silver.


Sisel Silver

It has been used around the globe by numerous cultures and civilizations across centuries in a peer-reviewed scientific study found at and in the journal of communicable diseases. Laboratory tests were performed to measure how effective silver is at destroying specific dangerous pathogens in non-chlorinated well water in this study there were three different types of sterile containers used one made of silver one of stainless steel and one of glass. One set of each of these containers was injected with three different pathogens shigella dysentery vibrio cholerae and salmonella typhi, all of which can cause life-threatening human diseases.

Each container was then covered with a metal screw cap and left in a temperature controlled environment for over eight hours with intermittent testing for bacterial viability throughout that time period. Within one hour all three strains of bacteria were eliminated in the silver container however the stainless steel and glass containers showed no decrease in the three strains of bacteria introduced into them even after an eight-hour period. This study and multiple other studies throughout the years illustrate the potential silver has to eliminate dangerous bacteria and why silver was used to purify water before pasteurization and refrigeration were available.

Understanding the use of silver and the benefits that silver provides I thought many times over the last 40 years about producing a Sisel Silver product but the technology has not previously existed to create a Sisel Safe formula .

Now with the advances in science of silver for human use the technology does exist and is supported by numerous clinical studies. The Sisel Silver product that Sisel has created and that lives up to Sisel’s rigorous Sisel Safe

It is safe and more effective than the traditional colloidal silver products on the market today. Sisel silver works naturally by adding additional defence to support the body’s  immune system and provides powerful protection for general health and well-being. Supported by independent studies Sisel Silver utilizes a proven new technology that magnifies the power and efficiency of silver. This unique and effective micronized colloidal silver core is surrounded by an ag404 tetra silva tetra oxide molecular coating this technology promotes continuous particle function to maximize  bioavailability and potency.

Unlike traditional colloidal silver our micronized colloidal Sisel Silver with its ag404 coating includes millions of silver oxide molecules attached to a central silver particle. These millions of molecules can ensure our superior silver functionality is reproduced time and time again to maximize the benefits people are looking for when using silver. Additional features and benefits of Sisel Silver are our silver mineral supplement is a 22 ppm formula meaning the concentration is 22 parts of silver per million parts of water. The Sisel Silver formula is supported by human clinical studies and toxicity studies it’s made with reverse osmosis water for utmost purity. Sisel Silver is probiotic friendly. Sisel Silver is a certified Sisel Safe formula. Start supporting your body’s immune system today with natural and safe Sisel Silver today.

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