Are you interested in Running a Sisel Business?

Sisel International’s Compensation Plan is the most lucrative compensation plans on the market. It is also the fairest compensation plan.

If  a person sponsors someone’s who is a big business builder they can never get more than 50% of their income from one leg. This means you can sponsor someone below you who makes more money than you do if they work hard and yield results.

In addition a Distributor can sponsor a Preferred Customer. A Preferred Customer is someone who has no interest in the business side of things and is only interested in using the product.

When a Preferred Customer places an order the sponsoring distributor receives 25% of the Preferred Customer’s order in commission. This is based on the PV (points value) which is close to the actual dollar value.

Joining Fee

Its free to join as Preferred Customer or a Distributor in Australia (other countries may have a small joining fee).

Renewal of a membership is $15 AUS for Distributors. Free for Preferred Customers.

Orders arrive 7-10 business days after being placed. Orders are shipped from the US manufacturing plant to Australia. This will soon change as New Zealand Warehouse is opening and will be the distribution point for Australia.

USA has next day delivery or standard is 2-5 days.

You can hear more about the compensation plan here:

Click here to watch video explaining Sisel’s Compensation Plan

For the serious SISEL Business Builder

Understanding the Wealth Building Opportunity (Payout Centre 8 in the Plan)

Listen to recording at 16 minutes 30 seconds.

Go to 16 minutes 30 seconds into the webinar to Understand the Wealth Building Pack

The highest rank is 10 Star Master.

The first step is to Reach 1 Star Master.

Its important to understand to reach 1  Star Master you need 5 K in downline volume.

To achieve each rank you need the following:

1 star is a total downline qualified volume of $5000

2 star is 2 x 1 star Masters (10K)

3 star is 3 x 1 star Masters (15K)

4 star is 4 x 1 star Masters (30K)

5 star is 5 x 1 star Masters (60K)

6 star is 6 x 1 star Masters (120K)

7 star is 7 x 1 star Masters (250K)

8 star is 8 x 1 star Masters (400K)

9 star is 9 x 1 star Masters (600K)

10 star is 10 x 1 star Masters (800K)

Sisels Global Compensation Plan PDF Brochure


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