Sugar Detox – Why it is really important to cut back your sugar, if these ads don’t convince you nothing will.

You would never eat 16 packs of sugar day? But there are 16 packs of sugar in a 600ml bottle of soft drink. All the extra calories
can contribute to obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Drinking one can of soft drink a day can make you 10 pounds fatter a year. Cut out soft drink and other sugary bevarages. Drink water, non sweetened soda or mineral water or low fat milk instead.

Drinking too many sugary drinks leads to weight gain and is blamed for the obesity epidemic.

How much sugar do you drink every day? Did you know that a few sugary drinks each day adds up to a massive 93 packets of sugar and
could lead to some serious health problems and diseases.

Sugar Detox – B Toxic Free

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor