The Latest Anti Ageing Science April 2018

“The mysteries of the stem cell much is yet to be learned but we know enough now to be a potent force”. Tom Mower

The latest anti-aging supplement
The latest anti aging supplement on the market is Sisel’s AGE Pill. The following is a quote from Tom Mowers talk on the latest anti science and the AGE Pill.

“What we’re doing is actually creating youth. So, the AGE Pill is really the instrument of the death of Aging. It’s also the vehicle for the regeneration of youth. The you that you once were, and want to be again. That’s all found within our product”.

The latest anti aging supplement

Latest Anti Aging Science

So, what is the latest anti aging science, and how is it being used in the AGE Pill? New ingredients and combinations are being discovered. Below is another snippet of the transcript with Tom Mower, which goes into detail about anti aging science.

“Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) will increase a couple of molecules NM and then NAD+.

But there are ways you can make the cell produce it and produce three or four times more.

So much of the NR is lost within a digestive tract and through the liver. There are ways to produce huge amounts of it much more of this other than using just NR.

NR itself increases energetics which is significant but you can increase a lot more energetics. You can actually recycle spent NAD and recharge it with another electron and you can do it two or three times beyond the first time.

So, what does that mean? It means you have more energy, and higher levels of sustainable energy regenerated energy.

Well, the energy that keeps occurring in this formulation is designed to provide all of those things so that it can happen.

This isn’t a hocus-pocus magic molecule. This is a miracle molecule, this is the Fountain of Youth.

Not a mythical water it’s a real molecule (or formulation of molecules) that regenerate youth and in theory, it’s very close to immortality I believe, and we’ll find other things.” Tom Mower Sr.

Latest in anti-aging research

“Professor Sinclair just found … a compound that’s over a thousand times more potent than Nicotinamide Riboside.

Well, we’re beyond that already. I don’t know the one he’s found but you can bet your bippy, these scientists they have to publish. That’s how they get their credentials and everything else.

So, the minute they publish we read and then we go after it. So, we have been evolving the formulation of what we’re doing. We’ve changed it two or three times. We’ve been able to make ingredients that weren’t available in the marketplace. Ingredients that are found to be used and add them to our formulation. This is a magnificent product. This is the single greatest discovery in the history of human health (in my opinion).” Tom Mower Sr.

Finally, where can I find anti-aging research news?

Tom Mower is publishing anti aging research news frequently. Tom uses Facebook to share his research about this subject matter, including the AGE Pill ingredients. Tom Mower shares the following on his latest call.

“I’m publishing all the time on Facebook. I have a ‘did you know’ series that I published about an ingredient.

Every day I do one. I’m going to go through the whole formula then when it’s done I’m going to bring all those together. I’m trying to inform the general public.

I am then going to put all of the references to it so they can go and see the articles for the scientific studies.

It will be a real piece of work. I mean what are we talking about here folks? We’re talking about immortality. We’re talking about the regeneration of youth. We are not talking about slowing down or fighting the aging process. We are saying we’re killing aging.

Regeneration of youth and that’s what the AGE pill offers.

Now if you put TSX with it you can support the rebuilding of telomeres so they can just keep duplicating onto what we think is infinity.

TSX for telomeres. You have the AGE Pill for the stem cells and what have you got a newer younger you every single day. So that’s my message for today.” (Reference)

Tom Mower Sr. is the President and Co-Founder of Sisel International. He is a Scientist and Product Formulator. Tom has won two Genius Awards for his product inventions.

Tom’s constantly imparting new AGE pill wisdom, so definitely like and follow his Facebook page. As a dedicated Sisel distributor of Tom’s AGE pill, I also spend time researching and understanding the latest science behind anti-aging, so check out the rest of my blog articles while you are here!


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