One Coin shut down – Sisel offers the best compensation plan

Tom Mower’s public post

“ONE COIN the MLM shut down & closed by the US!

I was just talking about how these Bit type & One Coin companies will not last and will inevitably be closed down.

And within hours of saying it I find out that ONE COIN has been shut down by the US
Now I expected to start happening in other countries and very possibly the EU could follow up with the closure too.

In my opinion I see no other course than this to happen for all the Coin and binary schemes that are based upon scamming their distributors to enrich the companies and the overly compensated ultrarich distributors at the top of these types of illegal scams. In my opinion they are certainly immoral dishonest and evil and the end result will be there collapse.

One binary was shut down in the EU and now in the USA leaving all of their disturber forced destitute and now the company and some of the big leaders are facing possible criminal action against them. Look at Zeek Rewards Who took so many people in on there. Limes and now the government is holding a quarter of $1 billion much of what should’ve been commissions to disturbers which I doubt they will ever see.

Sisel does things right and we are built for the long term to become mass even gigantic by doing things right in spectacular fashion so trust your future to Sisel because we trust you and believing you and you can put your trust in us to support you in building the business you want and achieve the hopes and dreams and desires you have in an honest ethical but dynamic in spectacular fashion

My suggestion if you’re in a Coin company or a binary to get out quick even though it might look so bright star explodes there’s nothing left except it blows a big hole in your finances and crushes much of you future. People you have brought into the company may now not believe you and not trust you even though the company was to blame they will still fault you for showing it to them Zeek Rewards was first then Veema was for shutdown in the EU and then shut down in the US. Not one going to shut down in the US and I would expect the EU was for shutdown in the EU and then shut down in the US. Now One Coin is shut down in the US and I would guess and expect The EU will be coming after them very soon.

Does anyone think that governments are through with these kinds of schemes and scams hardly… which one is next is the question it’s not if it’s going to happen it is who is going to happen to next and I would hate binary or a Coin company because I believe many of them must all now I’ll be in the sights of some government agency in the USA or the EU and I would expect that they will soon see it happening to them to what do you think? Whose next!!!”




Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor