Why Sisel? What’s your why?

Shane Edwards shares his why. Shane reflects on his life and what is important to him.

SISEL has changed my Life. Both in Health and in Wealth.

At the age of 45yrs like many others I have been dealing with many health issues over quite a few years.

My Drs and specialists at various times had suggested many solutions which long term have not worked.

With some of my illnesses being on what could be called a critical list I knew I needed something different, something that actually worked. With a struggling heart issue, diabetes type 2, and being overweight there was a definite need for change.

With Sisel I believe that my health will continue to improve, as well as my business and wealth.

I have no doubt that some of my goals will happen sooner than I thought. Living with Sisel and Sisel people is probably one of the best things ever to happen to me. I look forward to spending time on the beaches around the world with my Sisel family.

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Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor