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Transfusium — The Fountain of Youth in bottle – Toxic Free – Anti-Aging Skin Care

Article by Leisel Mower referenced from Sisel International Blog.

Transfusium — Whenever I go out and talk about Sisel’s Timeless Renewal Skin Care line and all the amazing products in it, I spend the majority of my time talking about just one product — Transfusium. If you’ve done any research into how this product is formulated and what makes it so effective, you’d easily see why I call this the “Rock Star” product of the skin care line.

There are literally thousands of products in the skincare industry all competing for our time and attention and ultimately our decision to buy and use a product. It has taken me years of working in this industry and educating myself on all the skincare and beauty products available to recognize what truly makes Transfusium not only unique but effective… Transfusium has 24 active ingredients.

Transfusium, before and after

Before and After using Sisel's Transfusium - Anti Aging Skin Care

No Tricks or Gimmicks!

There is no one magic ingredient in the skincare industry that can answer every need and yet women continually buy a bottle of the latest anti-aging skincare cream and expect just that —— an answer to every aging issue they’re facing. Every time this happens and the product doesn’t live up to the advertised promise, disappointment ensues.

Each of us is concerned with the same skin care issues as we age: hyperpigmentation/discoloration (age spots), sagging, loss of plumpness, and fine lines and wrinkles. Most skincare companies out there offer a product with only one or two active ingredients, promising to change everything that could be wrong with your skin. The reality is, the science of one ingredient for age spots is totally different from the science for plumping, or fine lines and wrinkles. By simple math, using only one or two ingredients could never be the total answer.

Because our biology from person to person is so different, our reactions and response to things is also different. What may work for one person will often times have no effect on another. This is where you experience the insanity of the skincare world, as it exists today. Expecting a skin care product, with only one or two active ingredients, to address and correct 5 — 6 different skincare/aging issues and to also be effective on 100 percent of users, is nothing short of insanity. To address and correct this unrealistic expectation, Transfusium is not only formulated with the latest, scientific ingredients, but we’ve used what we call a “multi-layered ingredient approach”.

Transfusium has 24 active ingredients that have been sourced from all over the world and have been subjected to multiple scientific studies, proving their incredibly abilities. Each ingredient has been sourced and formulated for a specific purpose. Tom Mower Sr. has taken 4-5 of the most highly effective ingredients for plumping and combined them with 5-6 of the most effective ingredients for removing fine lines and wrinkles, to create this unique product. This multi-layered approach is the reason why we’re seeing the amazing results we have with Transfusium.

If you’re interested in learning more about these amazing 24 ingredients, you can go to Transfusium web page and see the science behind this awesome product. And while you’re there, be sure to take a look at our “before” and “after” pictures. You’ll see for yourself why I call Transfusium the Rock Star of the skincare line!

Sisel's Transfusium Anti Aging Toxic Free Skin Care

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor