Collagen Product Comparison

In this post we are sharing a comprehensive collagen product comparison, comparing Sisel Collagen to other popular products on the market.

Comparison of Collagen Products

Collagen Product Comparison

Things to check when looking at a Collagen product:

Check for the actual amount of Collagen in the product.

  1. CollagenB3 is in the average price range for a collagen product but the price per gram of collagen it is anywhere from 4-11 times less expensive than our closest competitors.
  2. If you want to know how much you’re paying per gram of collagen, check the product’s Supplement Facts Panel. Take the amount of collagen per serving and multiply it by the number of servings to find the total grams of collagen. Divide the product’s price by the total grams of collagen to find the price per gram. To see how much a competitor might charge if they had the same amount of collagen in their product as Collagen B3, multiply their price per gram with 376, which is how many grams of collagen are found in each bag of Collagen B3.
  3. Make sure to keep an eye out for products that only display a proprietary blend. For example, competitor #2’s product only had their collagen listed in their 4.2-gram proprietary blend, which included 12 other ingredients. That means we don’t know the exact amount of collagen in the product, only that it’s less than 4.2 grams.

Check for essential vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial ingredients:

  1. CollagenB3 contains 11 vitamins and minerals as well as MCT oil, Chaga, and Hyaluronic Acid which are all essential in staying healthy and looking better.
  2. Competitor #4 was the next closest competitor, only having 7 vitamins and minerals and no MCT oil or Chaga.
  3. Competitor #2 didn’t even have enough vitamins or minerals to be able to claim on a Supplemental Facts Panel.

Check for the amount of ingredients:

  1. Collagen B3 has an industry average of 16 servings per bag but contains 35 grams of ingredients in each serving. That means with each serving, you are getting more collagen, vitamins, minerals, and other essential ingredients than you are with many competitor’s products.
  2. Competitor #3’s product comes the closest to Collagen B3’s total number of servings at 15 but only includes 8 grams of ingredients per serving. With only 120 grams of ingredients in the entire product at $43, you would have to spend $200 to match the amount of ingredients and $348 to match the amount of collagen that you’re getting with Collagen B3.

Sisel is dedicated to providing products that work with only the safest and most efficacious ingredients to back them up. As Tom Sr. would say, “Check the label” and compare Collagen B3 to other collagen products on the market.

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