Transfusium new Mega Formulation coming!

Announcing at Sisel International Convention Transfusium new Mega Formulation

Transfusium New Mega formula by Tom Mower.

Transfusium the greatest skin care formulation for aged, wrinkled, older looking, discolored skin is going to have this Mega~Formulation accelerated to an even higher level of performance.

Anti Aging Beyond Belief Age Reversal Toxic Free

Anti Aging Beyond Belief Age Reversal Toxic Free…

Imagine this…. Wrinkles may significantly smooth out in as little 3-4 days. Crows feet and fine lines too.

Sagging may not only just stop but firm up so fast you will think your skin is on an escalator.

All because I have found two great discoveries to take the miracle or miracles in skin care treatment i.e. Transfusium to a level even I never-ever thought possible.

It will be in a new type jar for easy use but what is in that jar is a formula beyond compare. A science like no other. A product with performance dreamt about but never thought possible. NOW IT IS HERE!

Transfusium on the market now is fabulous and without even a close second but the additives to it is like taking the highest flying airplane that ever flew and making it into an inter-galactic-rocket ship.

I honestly knew what I could do with Transfusium and it was mind boggling because of the science I had found, so I did it BUT I never-ever thought this breakthrough now being added would be possible. NOW I KNOW IT IS and Sisel has done it. So ladies and gentlemen too. If you want skin like a teenager again and…! – in just days, weeks and over months going backwards and backwards to the look of youth you once had but thought was gone forever… It is now possible!!

There are no other formulas in the world that can even compare to Transfusium but now Super Transfusium is out of his world and in a realm nothing else will ever attain.

Transfusium would have been the greatest product for all time so why improve I am asked.

Why I say is because I can conceive it, therefore can achieve it. If Transfusium is a product like no other and I can take those results and accelerate it even more then it should be done.

My philosophy is when I have created the greatest formulation ever designed in any area of health or personal care, I am always looking for new discoveries in science to improve it. With Transfusium I did not think there would be much over the next decade or more…but I was wrong and found two absolutely stunningly powerful new discoveries to rapidly reverse aging in skin.

So… I have added it to Transfusium and now it shines like a Celestial Star in a dark night. Alone by itself but radiating youth and vibrance like even I never thought possible. But it is and it is here at Sisel Convention soon to be released.

The NEW Transfusium will be magnificent beyond all expectations. So expect a lot from it and I am sure you will get even more than you imagined possible.

Transfusium the greatest formula in the history of Planet Earth, now has Warp Drive Ingredients added to it to make it the greatest formulation beyond imagination.

(Sisel International use toxin free product formulations that are free from potentially harmful ingredients.)

Last Updated on April 12, 2016 by Katie Sisel Distributor

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