Why is Hydrogen Water not recommended by Doctors?

In an interview with Tyler Le Bron he discussed the topic “Why is hydrogen water not recommended by Doctors?”

He says simply “It’s a timing issue”. Tyler goes onto explain.

In the 1970s Nitric Oxide was discovered however it wasn’t until the 1998 that the Nobel Prize awarded to scientists for nitric oxide discoveries.

Nitric oxide is now receiving press and awareness for its therapeutic benefits. It is now finally getting the merits it deserves. Look how long that took!

Now if we look at hydrogen gas.

Note: We refer to hydrogen gas because that is what the research is on. Hydrogen water is simply the gas diffused in the water.

The research on Hydrogen gas is in its infancy and more research and discoveries need to be done to understand how it is working. There are only 1000 or so publications on its benefits (in 2017, this has increased significantly now in 2019!).

What is hydrogen

It is a colourless odorless gas. Molecular hydrogen is h2 gas, the smallest molecule in the universe. Hydrogen is not an ion, it has nothing to do with PH. It is 3 times more energy dense than gasoline. It powers the sun.

Hydrogen is impressive

“Yes, it is an impressive therapeutic molecule. It has been shown to be effective in T1 and over 170 animal disease models. As well as every organ in the human body. ” Tyler states.

Why is Hydrogen Water not recommended by Doctors. Scientists love it!
Hydrogen water is impressive. So who is recommending it? Doctors?

We need to raise more awareness

Hydrogen water is not being recommended by doctors, simply because we need to raise more awareness. Tyler says “We do need more studies to raise awareness, however, it is growing exponentially. Research is growing exponentially too”.

“Hydrogen gas is a new area of research. In 2014 I predicted that 2017 would mark the year of the awakening if you will. In terms of people influencers, such as Dr Mercola, celebratory figures, professional sports players will learn about hydrogen and slowly start promoting it. That is exactly what has happened.

A number of celebrities, professional sports teams are now using hydrogen and talking about it. It will grow but it will take time. I think in another 10 years by 2027 it will be everywhere. I think doctors will talk about it all the time and it will be mainstream. “

In other words, hydrogen water will no longer be ignored by doctors. Doctor’s will recommend it!

Healing Waters

There are documented beneficial effects that healing waters have hydrogen gas in them. This is created by bacteria or other reactions. In fact, there are a number of mechanisms that allow small amounts of hydrogen gas to get into the water.

If you are bathing in the water then the concentration of hydration gas does not need to be as high. Hydrogen gas is the smallest molecule in the universe. Hydrgoen gas in water can diffuse through the cells of the skin into your blood.

Drinking hydrogen water can support the body is so many ways. It offers an extensive amount of health benefits.

When you drink hydrogen water it passes through every cell including the blood brain barrier. It has the potential to neutralise a lot of free radicals.

Hydrogen is the most profound effective antioxidant in existence, according to well know health advocate Dr Mercola.

Hydrogen water will soon be recommeded by doctors

  • It does not negate benefits
  • There are no contraindications
  • It’s the molecule of life
  • It started the universe, life and evolution of life
  • Its involved in everything

And finally, now the biomedical research is really showing us how essential it is.

Find out more about hydrogen water.

About Tyler W LeBaron
He is the Co-founder of the Molecular Hydrogen Institute. The aim of the institute is to advance research awareness and education of hydrogen gas as therapeutic.

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