Growing Younger with The Sisel AGE Pill

Growing Younger with The Sisel AGE Pill

10 June 2020. Posted By Katie Larking
From the desk of President/Creator of The AGE Pill. Tom Mower Sr. Facebook Post 10 June 2020. Sisel International CoFounder, Product Formulator and Chief Scientist.
“Growing younger was unimaginable… now it is highly possible!  Now while growing younger ,instead of older, grow stronger, healthier, live a much longer lifespan, live at a more youthful biological age. It is all conceivable with the support of The AGE PILL & it is so inexpensive to do!
SISEL AGE Pill with Tom Mower

SISEL AGE Pill with Tom Mower

Before you think you it’s expensive to restore your youth! Think AGAIN.. For Just one (1) bottle of drinking water a day costs about the same as one maximum dosage each day of The AGE PILL.
The AGE PILL is much more than just great because it has a very complex and extremely powerful diversity of “functional support”, for restoring the declining in maintaining Stem Cell vitality.
The AGE PILL spectacular, highly improved formulation addresses the stem cell precursor needs in three very different vital ways:
1. It provides the NAD+ precursor generating power to massively support the Stem Cells activities to restore, revitalize and… an improved state … to where it may be functioning at a much more optimal level. Conceptionally think of it like super charging the cellular energy, regeneration and repair support on a scale never before thought possible.
2: Stem Cells over lifetime get full of contamination. There are two basic forms one is Glycation, which is a plaque that coats the internal proteins of the stem cell. With time it builds up more and more ….just like not brushing your teeth would develop serious plaque accumulation which would damage the teeth. Likewise it is the same in the stem cell. Unfortunately in this case the plaque caramelizes and hardens. This is greatly impedes the internal processes of the cell And in some cases may completely stop it. There are many organelle within the stem cell that can be Glycated with this sticky plaque. Over a lifetime it greatly accumulates Within the stem cell.
3. Cellular garbage residual build up is known as Lipofuscin. Lipofusin is intercellular waste in active Stem Cells, that builds up over time, into a sludgy gelatinous mass. This sludgy mass impedes the transfer of nutrients and greatly inhibits the biological activity of the powerful regenerative properties the stem cell contains. It also accumulates and contains many types of toxins and oxidizers that reek havoc on the stem cell. Essentially, Lipofuscin is the metabolic waste left over from cellular activity. While the Stem Cell excretes much of the waste from its metabolic activity to regenerate new stem cells; there are some fatty molecules that are too large to exit Stem Cells. They keep sticking together and increasing the mass and size of this cellular sludgy garbage.
The next of course is the powerful support The AGE PILL offers with auxiliary precursor ingredients to greatly support a significant and impressive production of and NAD+. This is the energy molecule of the body and our product offers incredible and very powerful support and like I believe anything else.
In conclusion The AGE PILL I firmly believe, is the most powerful product in the entire world for ending AGING and growing younger, With all of the significant benefits of restoration of health vitality age and even the way you may think and look physically. While the potential changes are massive. they take some time. Beginning results are often seen quickly especially in the areas of increased and sustained energy and extremely effective within the processes of the brain. The fortunate thing is the stem cells have the ability to remove Lipofuscin if the proper super nutrients are provided.

Sisel hypothesizes that age 120 may soon be the new 60, as you end aging, restore youthfulness and vitality, so potentially  you can live a potentially great length of time at a much younger age.  The AGE PILL in my opinion, is the single greatest discovery in the history of human health.”

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