Sisel Wealth Pack | Weight Loss Support and Fitness

Sisel Wealth Pack | Weight Loss Support and Fitness

8 June 2020. Posted by Katie Larking

New Sisel Wealth Pack for Weight Loss Support and Fitness.  The Sisel Weight Loss Support and Fitness Wealth Pack is only available to Distributors. When purchasing this pack it opens up the 8th part of the Sisel Compensation Plan. The 8th part of the plan is the Wealth Builder. The Wealth Builder Compensation Plan offers generous bonuses for a the hard working serious business builder.  This is optional. The Sisel Weight Loss Support and Fitness pack is available to all distributors as a one off purchase.


SupraDetox is the first fundamental step to weight loss. This natural formula is designed for detoxification, helping to remove impurities from the GI tract and liver, allowing your digestive system to metabolize food more efficiently.

Balance D

Balance D offers a natural blend of prebiotic, probiotic, organic microfiber, and Vitamin D to create the most advanced GI tract supplement on the market today. Balance D helps to restore and maintain the balance of microbes in the digestive system for more optimal weight loss and digestive health. 

InnerChi for Him or for Her

InnerChi for Her and Him is a powerful supplement formulated to provide support in adult health. With a premium blend of all natural supplements, Innerchi is formulated to support your body’s fight against symptoms caused by aging and hormonal imbalances.

AGE Pill

As we grow, our stem cells become cluttered with cellular garbage, causing the decay that leads to aging. The AGE Pill provides super nutrients to stem cells, supporting removal of glycation buildup, reduction of toxins, and increase in cellular energy.


This patented clinically-proven, powdered formula helps replace essential amino acids that are lost during digestion, exercise and aging. SiselRipt is the next generation of in demand sports nutrition supporting the efficient breakdown of ingested protein.

Fire & Ice

This is more than a refreshing drink. It is a highly energy, multifunctional dietary tonic. Fire & Ice is specially designed to help maintain healthy body weight while boosting metabolism. Packed with antioxidants, vitamin B and buffered caffeine, Fire and Ice gives you an edge when it matters most.

Sisel H2Stix

Sisel H2Stix allows you to transform everyday water into a stimulant free, hydrogen infused sports drink. Hydrogen water supports the neutralization of free radicals, workout recovery, improved athletic performance and cellular health.  Now with the new Triple Berry Flavor, Sisel H2stix tastes great and is perfect before and after your workout. 

Sisel Fit Sisel Weight Loss Pack Wealth Pack

Sisel Fit Sisel Weight Loss Pack Wealth Pack

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