Sisel believes the first real answer to younger looking skin is finally here.

Youth is more than just a memory

After years of waiting, Sisel believes the first real answer to younger looking skin is finally here. Science and nature have come together in this simple, yet powerful regiment to address the areas of your skin where aging is most visible: your face and neck. Now you can give your skin the gift of youthful vitality!

Smooth, younger-looking skin can now be achieved in 3 easy steps:

First Cleanse

Begin with a face that has been throughly cleaned with SISEL’s Firming Facial Cleanser. This will prepare your skin for this effective regimen wihout the use of harsh and damaging chemcials found in other cleansers.

STEP 1: Treat With Transfusium

Begin your treatment by applying Transfusium to your skin and firmly massaging it into your face and neck until it is completely absorbed. This step is vital to achieving a youthful appearance!

STEP 2: Seal and Set with Skin Du

Spray Skin Du into your fresh, Transfusium-treated skin and give it an ample amount of moisture. Then massage the Skin Du deeply into your skin until you do not feel any moisture on your fingertips.

STEP 3: Lock it in With Actify 6000 Or Sisel Rapid Repair Night Cream

Morning: Actify 6000 is the perfect way to lock in the positive effects of this regiment and offer the vital protection and moisture your face needs as you go about your day.

Night: – Make your beauty sleep really pay off by ending the day – and this regimen- with Sisel Rapid Repair. This night cream is unlike any other; it can help undo the appearance of aging and replenish vital ingredients to your skin.

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Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor