Tom Mower SISEL CEO and Founder Touring Australia

Tom Mower Sisel CEO to Tour Australia

Tom Mower, Sr. is headed down under to help kick-off the nationwide launch of Sisel International’s product line in Australia. Sisel has experienced nothing but positive feedback from its new distributors.

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Australian Locations Dates and Times of Mower’s Tour

Register for one of Tom’s Presentation’s in any one of the five cities, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Gold Coast/Brisbane.

Tom Mower is presenting in Australia

Tom Mower is coming to Australia

“Our Australian Associates are truly excited to share Sisel with their friends,” Mr. Mower stated enthusiastically. “We can’t wait to share our Mower Mission and all of our great products with our new friends down under.” he added.

Sisel International is a worldwide leader in the supplement and healthy living industry and manufacturers and distributes over 250 different products for its customers around the world. The Mower Mission is Sisel’s mission statement and declares among other things, that all Sisel products will be made with all-natural ingredients and never contain chemicals or toxins. Sisel manufacturers all of its own products in their 160,000+sq. ft. manufacturing plant in Springville, Utah. It markets its products via independent distributors and places an importance on small business ownership among its distributors.

Register for one of Tom Mower’s presentations here, five stops include, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and the Gold Cost. There will be free samples, informative lectures and product demonstrations at each stop in the tour.

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