Sisel Compensation Plan

Sisel Compensation Plan 2017

The new Sisel Compensation Plan has been released.  Unmatched in my opinion, if you find a compensation plan better than this one email me asap.  This new lucrative plan is effective as of 1st of October 2017.

8 Payout Centres include:

  1. Fast Start Bonus
  2. Direct Commission
  3. Infinity Bonus
  4. Master Check Match
  5. Rank Advancement
  6. Lifestyle Bonus
  7. Preferred Customer Bonus
  8. Wealth Building System

Wealth Building System for serious business builders

This is an added extra to allow Sisel Distributors to generate immediate income whilst building a passive income. Aimed at generating One Star Masters.

Snap Shot of the Compensation Plan

  • 25 % Preferred Customer Bonus
  • 25% Fast Start Bonus for newly enrolled Distributors
  • 7 % per order from each Distributor monthly (depth is dependent on level)
  • Luxury bonus depending on Rank
  • 1 Star starts at $5000 qualifying volume per month with no more than 50% from one leg

Full Details of the Sisel Compensation Plan here.

Autoship for the serious business builder

If you are serious about wanting product for free, extra income or financial freedom Auto-ship is required.

We recommend a minimum of 100 PV auto ship per month. Very easy to do when you are taking the AGE Pill. Age Pill 2 Pack is worth 120 PV points value or $154 Australia dollar. (current as of 04/01/2018)


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