Sisel Scams

Sisel Scams. Is Sisel a Scam? Well read on……

So if you hear someone say Sisel Scams then it is most likely coming from a person who had a really bad experience and has been left feeling burnt. However I can say with 100% proof and evidence anyone saying that has been misinformed as Sisel is very far from any type of Scam. I believe Sisel is the best business opportunity that exists right now!

I myself made it to two star master last week and car qualification. How did I do it? I became a product of the product I have used almost every product in the range and I only recommend products I love. That is the key to the success of Sisel. I share my product love with others and help them get their products for free.

It is requires consistent hard work, but the rewards are worth it!!

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Katie Sisel Australia Distributor just reached 2 Star Master and Car Qualified February 2016

Katie Sisel Australia Distributor just reached 2 Star Master and Car Qualified February 2016


Does it sound like a Scam?

Article by Curt F. – Chiropractor – Fargo USA.

As a highly educated physician, I was always curious about how those MLM companies operated. I always thought they were all just another one of those deals.

You know, the deals where you go out and recruit your family and friends to join you in your new”Business Venture”.

ll you had to do is agree to purchase something on a monthly basis. You get your friends and family to do the same and we all make a lot of money.

I was told by a couple that it really did not matter what the product was because it was about the money. Sounds like a Scam!

That threw me and I refused to look. I’ve got a couple of stories I could tell, but I will save that for another time.

Most people would have felt scammed and never gone back but I decided that in order for the industry to have existed this long, protected by the government, there had to be some legitimacy.

I felt like I knew there had to be a honest MLM business owner out there, formulating and manufacturing products that not only did people want, but products that some people needed.

Products based on real science. Products sold for a fair price, with a fair compensation for those marketing and selling them.

In 2007, I had the misfortune of being involved in a motorcycle crash. I almost lost my right leg. I spent the next few years really crippled up with difficulty walking. I did not know from day to day if I could go to work because of intense pain.

I eventually sold my office. I knew I needed to find some way I could support myself and my family. It had to be something I could do from home.

I again turned to the MLM industry for answers. I began searching for legitimacy.

Here were my criteria.

First and foremost, they needed to formulate and manufacture products that worked. I dont like to purchased products from 3rd party vendors because of problems in manufacture, plus paying a middle man. I’ve seen it over and over where a company gets in trouble because the manufacturer screwed up.

I don’t look for products making outrageous claims. As a physician, I know that one product can’t fulfill all the needs we have to correct nutritional deficiencies in the human body. There for my company has to have a full line of products.

Another criteria is having products that are priced right. Quality products sold on results cannot compete with products sold based on price. Price based products will cut corners to get it priced”Right”, and that does not fit in my list.

I want my products competing in price with comparable product lines. I’ve been around the nutritional industry long enough to know which companies I would be purchasing from. There are only a handful.

I need products that fall into another category. Cutting edge scientific based products that no one has ever heard about, but can be researched ON legitimate websites.

These products fit the category of products that people are looking for in areas of looking or feeling younger.

Not pie in the sky claims, but real science indicating they work!

That’s my product criteria. I never want a garage full of crap I will never use or be able to sell. I don’t ever want a client coming back to me asking what was that junk I marketed and saying it’s a scam.

I put my name and my reputation on everything I market. I need to get paid for my time. I send time researching the research. Not just on the products that my company markets, but new research. I need to be paid for that time.

I spend time consulting with clients, time I need to be reimbursed monetarily. I sell products to clients. I need fair compensation for those products I sell.

I help others develop marketing plans as well as help them develop sales teams. These people don’t just go out and “Sell Stuff” either. They need to know basic science. They need to be able to answer questions regarding the use of the products. I spend quite allot of my day helping others with these understandings.

In order to be in business,I need to be compensated for that time as well. But. I also understand that everyone who joins my team needs compensation as well. So the pay plan needs to be fairly written so that the new guy who just joined can be paid but also the pay needs to extend upwards to compensate the “Trainer”‘for their time.

The sales team leaders need to be paid. Just as in any business that puts teams together. Everyone needs to be paid fairly. That’s my criteria for being compensated. Fair pay for honest work.

Finally. I need a company that has stood the test of time. One that is not going to close its doors tomorrow. 95% of small businesses fail rather quickly. Why? I can cover that at another time.

There are Red Flags to watch out for. Scams all around. I learned the hard way. Now I know.

The company cannot just have cutting edge products that work,a compensation plan that is fair, and a history. They also need to provide the sales force with the tools and training so that everyone has a chance to be successful.

No one has the background to run a one man/woman show. The company is responsible to give us these tools.

That company fell into my hands 4 years ago.

SISEL. They meet every single one of my criteria. As a result they pass the litmus test for the government too. They are a legitimate business, formulating and marketing products that work. No-one has to purchase anything they don’t want.

Customers can but when ever they please with no penalty.

Team members get paid fairly for their work.

The company owners have a history in the industry of over 25 years and SISEL is coming up on the 10th year anniversary. So the products work? Absolutely.

These product are the most potent products I’ve seen in the entire nutritional industry. If I could put my name on them,I would. They are that good.

That’s the difference between a legitimate business and a scam pyramid scheme. You know, one where you merely get paid for signing people up and get them to sign other people into the “Deal”

by Doc Fizz Phone 980-34-YOUNG

its not a get rich quick scheme it requires hard work but the rewards are worth it

Sisel is not a get rich quick scheme it requires hard work but the rewards are worth it!

Some people may refer to Sisel as Sisal or Sisell however it is called SISEL pronounced SIZZLE!

Let’s go Sisel’n together!

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