The best hair growth product – Sisel’s revitalizer

Look younger and better with Sisel Products

It is believed that the vitamin supplement Market is close to $300 Billion. Did you know that the Vanity Market is estimated to be over three times as large at $1 Trillion.

January 2013, Sisel international Tom Mower founder released a product in the so called Vanity Market that replaces many poor performing products containing toxic ingredients sold for vanity namely hair growth products by other companies.

This new Sisel product has the potential to be a Billion Dollar plus annual revenue source in itself with proven results on myself (for thicker hair) and friends.

Bill DeFalco, a Sisel product user seen below, wasted no time in putting Sisel’s Revitalizer also known Vitalizer, to work. The images below represent jaw dropping rapid results.

Typically there are many causes that can effect any condition and we are all different in terms of genetics, body chemistry, life style , personal practices and eating habits.

It makes sense to embark on a plan of action and commit to a minimum of 90 to 120 days to assess the value and effect of any product, regardless of how fast it has been shown to create results.

Bill DeFalco and Vitalizer
Rapid hair growth Sisel vitalizer
Bill Defalco Hair Regrowth

Ask me about the other applications of this amazing product, Vitalizer, including how it helps eyebrows, eye lashes and finger nails.

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor