Creating the AGE Pill

The concept of the AGE Pill

The concept of the age pill

The concept of the Age Pill started over 20 years ago. The A.G.E. Pill was formulated after many years of research that began when the prized papers of the Yellow Emperor of China, (also known by his Chinese name Huangdi), were gifted to the scientist who formulated the AGE Pill. (Tom Mower Sr).

Huangdi lived 2697–2597 or 2698–2598 BCE based upon 20th Century scholars. The papers possessed the information on improving longevity. With that information, the scientist was able to put the last pieces of the AGE Pill puzzle together in his formulation. 

This was based on the principle that if you can remove the waste and toxins, and supply nutrients to enable the body to repair and restore you can live a great deal of time in a healthy state

Compared to all other products in this category on the market today, you will find that they usually have only 1 or 2 pathways. The AGE Pill uses 5 different pathways!

We have read and heard many testimonials from people who can’t believe how they feel after taking the product.

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