AGE Pill Review Update 2019

AGE Pill Review - Update July 2019
Katie explains her experience with the AGE Pill, 2 years after starting it. July 2019 Update.

AGE Pill Review Update 2019

I thought I’d share a little bit about my experience and give you an AGE Pill Review Update. So I started on the Sisel AGE pill back in 2017.

I think it was August 2017 and I used the double dose initially as suggested by Tom which was twelve capsules a day you know I was taking three, three and three because for me taking four I flushed quite easily.

I get a niacin flush quite easily. Anway after taking it, within 15 days I started noticing new hair growth coming around the hairline.

Of course skin had improved considerably. Skin complexion was better and skin appeared to be firmer and of course energy levels had increased. As well as better sleep etc.

So fantastic results and quite noticeable in before-and-after photos after 30 days. Actually, I continued doing that for 3 months which was great and then I went back down to the normal dose.

I still felt really good but then after probably another few months, I noticed that the sprouting of the hair and the quite dramatic skin changes.

My skin still looked awesome but it wasn’t at the same level I guess I’d say when I was taking 12 a day. Anyway, so I’ve still been extremely happy with the AGE Pill. It’s going great and it is an unreal product.

AGE Pill Review – Going from 6 to 12 a day

Then recently, Dr Curt has been doing some testimonial calls. I’ve been listening to them. People were talking and sharing how they’ve been taking 12 a day and the difference they noticed from 6 to 12 was quite significant. So I thought I’d do a little test this month and I decided to go from 6, back up to 12 a day.

So I started taking 12 and after about 10 days probably 10-12 days, I noticed again with my hairline. New hair kind of sprouting.

AGE Pill Review. Updated July 2019.

I actually kind of got quite genetically thin hair. I don’t have thick hair, probably age is affecting it as well. I know mineral absorption too. I supplement but I know my digestion is not great and that is something I am working on. But new hair is coming up along the hairline.

I certainly noticed my energy levels were really excellent but it went up even a whole another level, another notch as well. Probably sleep again I noticed as well.

Probably because more energy running around during the day.

So I have seen a physical and mental difference and also feeling the difference from 6 to 12 for me that was quite noticeable. So I mean, I guess that is the reason I’m sharing this.

You know I like to be able to share that with others but you know given that the recommendation on the bottle is 6. However I have been taking 12.

I thought that going from six to twelve, I was really interested in the experiment to try. Yes, I am just quite thrilled with it really, well I’m thrilled with the results.

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