Toxic free safe personal care products AND cruelty free

Sisel International is cruelty free - no testing on animals

Sisel International is cruelty free. Sisel products are not tested on animals

Your products may be toxic free but are they cruelty free??

Consumers are unaware of how many Australian purchased products are not free from animal testing and involve animal cruelty in the making of the product.

Many well known brands are Hala certified, this means that animals ingredients that are used in any product needs to be Hala certified.

As stated in Wikipedia:

“The RSPCA says while the vast majority of halal slaughter in Australia involves pre-slaughter stunning,[24] “the slaughter of a fully conscious animal is inhumane and completely unnecessary” and is strongly lobbying for action against this practice for all domestic and export animals.[25]”


“In 2014 anti Halal Certification groups campaigned against Australian food companies in an attempt to discourage them from having their food certified as being halal. Some of these groups argued that the cost of certification increases the prices of food to all consumers, and that the fees charged for certification are used to fund terrorism.[29][30] In November 2014 Fleurieu Milk & Yoghurt Company decided to stop producing halal products after being targeted by campaigners, and a number of other large and small companies were also reported to have been targeted.[31] Keysar Trad from the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils told a journalist in July 2014 that these groups were attempting to exploit anti-Muslim sentiments.[29]”

Sisel International upholds the standard of cruelty free ingredients and products which are not tested on animals. All Sisel products are toxic free and contain no harmful ingredients.

Consumers need to be aware of the choices available when it comes to purchase safe toxic free products.



Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor