Why Sisel is the best

Sisel Testimonial

My name is Dr Curtis Ficenec. Most people cant pronounce or remember how to spell my last name so they call me Doc Fizz.

I began looking for a product to help me cure my sons asthma. I discovered network marketing products are usually better quality than what you buy in stores; and unique to the market.

After a motorcycle accident in 2007 I needed to find a company that had several important factors. Products I could see myself marketing with my name and reputation as a doctor. A commission structure that allowed me to replace a doctors income.

Stability as a company.

Finally. Timing in the market. You see, you not only need a great product, you have to be able to beat the masses when bringing it to consumers.

For example; Building a great computer would not have the impact it did when Dell was launched.

You have to have a great product in a growing market and age reversal is the fastest growing branch of health.

Sisel offers all of this. I joined in 2012 after searching for a home in the MLM industry.

I reside in rural Fargo North Dakota USA

I was looking for the right company and on my way to speak at an environmental science presentation I was introduced by Dan Kinnison.

Sisel offers everything I knew I needed as a physician looking for a home within the industry.

My favourite is TSX. Anti aging health is my passion. I tell people I remember studying the DNA structure in college and later watching in fascination as they cloned Dolly the sheep. My tag line is “Have You Ever Thought About Living Forever”

Sisel has products that are vastly superior with formulations far advanced. Sisel has stability based on family history in the industry.

We are protected by a Dynasty Trust.

Sisel has a compensation package that has features not available in other plans. Sure each company can offer bits and pieces but no one offers every part of our plan.

Sisel offers timing as well. As much as we offer one would think it would be packed. But because we do not build on over promise and under deliver hype like most other companies its noted that we have built strong organisations across the globe.

In the time Ive been involved Sisel has had consistent month after month growth.

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor